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“Ahimsa” farming is the traditional, ancient Indian method of farming. “Ahimsa” means “non-violent”, and so Ahimsa farming does not entail any harm to the animals or land. Some would call it ‘Yoga farming’, or working in natural harmony with the land.

At our Rutland Ahimsa Eco-Dairy, we uphold the principles inherent in this self-sustaining and cow protecting method.

  1. We never kill a cow
  2. Our calves suckle from their mothers until weaned
  3. We primarily milk by hand
  4. We give our oxen meaningful work

Our farm is small but self-sustaining. Our delicious, vitamin D rich, pure milk is delivered to our customers weekly and we have over 1000 names on our waiting list.

We have one bull in a field whom we allow a cow to spend a few days with if we decide she is ready to be impregnated.

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Fresh Grass

The Coming of Rainbow

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  • No slaughter of cows/calves or bulls
  • Calves stay with their mums and the herd
  • No artificial insemination (AI)
  • Cows graze freely on organic pasture
  • Cows milked by hand

Milk & Products

Raw and whole pasteurised milk are currently being delivered to doorstep/drop-point locations in the North London/within M25 area, and throughout the rest of the UK via mailorder. We already have a very long milk waiting list and therefore the list is closed to new submissions at this time. Sorry. Come and visit us at a farmers’ market if you are in London where you can still buy our raw milk.

Production of of gouda style semi-hard cheese is ongoing. Production of yoghurt and other products is presently paused.

Although we may not be able to offer you milk or products at this time, please still consider becoming a member to support our slaughter-free mission

Ahimsa Herd News

Welcome Manisita

Please everyone welcome our new member of the herd Manisita. It’s baby girl. She was born yesterday. Well done mummy Lotus.

Florence having a scratch

26th July 2020 – Superhero passes away

It is with great sadness we would like to announce the passing away of our four year old bull, Superhero. Superhero is the father of Jambo, Cocoa, Florence, Jagannath and Honeysuckle. He was mild mannered, quite unusual in that sense as bulls tend to be full of vigour and strength. An unfortunate incident took place with one of our boisterous oxen Henry who jumped a fence into the bull field last Thursday. It was a…

Lazy Sunday

Cowslip just loves a lazy Sunday lie in!

Other News

Spring Open Day 2023: Dancing Cows

Letting cows onto fresh pasture Saturday 29th April 2023 12.00pm – The Grange, Little Bytham, Lincolnshire NG33 4QS Letting out Milking Cows and Calves onto pasture first, followed by Oxen and Retired Cows 1.00pm – Leave for Ahimsa Eco-Farm (at Chater Valley) Pinfold Lane, Pilton, Rutland LE15 9PA 2.00pm Letting cows out Free lunch & Tours 4.00pm – CloseN.B. The distance between the two farms is about 20 minutes by car.

Ahimsa glass bottles

As of autumn 2022 Ahimsa Milk is now being delivered in glass bottles.

Thanks to a generous

supporter we’ve just got a brand new van for deliveries. Wave if you see us driving around!

27th October 2018 Open Day

We had our last open day of 2018 on 27th October. As ever the cows were very excited at the prospect of visitors as that meant loads of lovely organic carrots for them. Unfortunately the weather was particularly unkind but some lovely people braved the elements to join us. Apple pressing was on the menu and many brought the fruits of their harvest to be made into juice. And wow the juice was absolutely delicious.…

The Ahimsa Manifesto 2017-2030

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We need your help. Our goal is to raise £3 million in three years to realise the dream.

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Become an AHIMSA Member today – join our mission to make slaughter-free milk a reality across Britain … read more here

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Please consider leaving the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation a legacy in your will. This will enable our work to continue for future generations.

London Farmers' Markets

Ahimsa raw milk is sold at Queens Park Sunday Market. The market is open between 10am and 2pm.