Choose an Ahimsa Cow to Sponsor

Cow sponsorship starts from as little as £3 a month. Our cow sponsorship pack comprises of certificate of sponsorship, photo of you cow, fridge magnet and stickers, and we start sending you our regular e-newsletter. Donations of any size are of course most welcome, but please note for reasons of cost, packs are sent only to those sponsoring a cow for £3/month or more, or to those making a donation of £36 or more (£36 being equivalent to 1 year sponsorship @ £3/month).

Sponsorship as a gift: If you wish to sponsor a cow as a gift for someone else please first select your cow and follow the sponsor me link on the next page to set up your direct debit/make a card payment in your own name.  Then, in the thank you / confirmation email you’ll receive from us, follow the sponsorship-as-gift link to a form where you can tell us the name of that person, details of where to send, when you need it sent by, etc.

Please click a photo to select a cow and then follow their ‘Sponsor Me’ link on the next page.