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Realising the Ahimsa Dream

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  • No slaughter of cows/calves or bulls
  • Calves stay with their mums and the herd
  • No artificial insemination (AI)
  • Cows graze freely on organic pasture
  • Cows milked by hand

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Become a member today. Join us on the journey … let’s change the world together!

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The not-for-profit Ahimsa Dairy is a pioneering and unique farm that is entirely slaughter-free. Our much loved cows retire when their milking days are over and the bull calves are raised to be magnificent working oxen. All will live out their days with us until their natural end. Ahimsa calves remain with their mothers and the milking herd and we do not use artificial insemination. Instead we have a big Swiss Brown bull called Superhero whose job is to please the ladies. The cows graze on organic pasture and we milk by hand.

We began with six milking cows in partnership with an organic farm in Kent. We soon realised we had to be independent if we were to farm to our own standards. After many trials and tribulations we finally bought 48 acres of organic land in Rutland with an option to buy a further 24 – which we have now secured. Today we have eleven milking cows in a herd of 38. All are individuals with names.

Nobody thought it was possible to do this. We have come a long way with lots of goodwill but on a shoestring budget. Now our mission to make wholesome slaughter-free milk widely available in the UK and beyond. Join us and be part of a movement that will revolutionise the lives of dairy cows, cherish the environment and reignite the timeless bond between humans and cattle.

Step one – Establishing firm foundations

  • build two winter barns for the milking and non-milking herd
  • complete the land purchase and pay off monies on land already secured
  • upgrade the dairy
  • buy equipment for working the oxen
  • establish horticulture operations
  • Land purchase – 24 acres currently rented
  • Building two winter barns for milking and non-milking herd
  • Paying off outstanding monies on 48 acres already secured


  • Upgrade milking parlour
  • Milk cooling equipment
  • Renew/ refurbish our processing unit
  • Buy steel churns
  • Transition to glass bottles
  • Creamery


  • Purchase yokes, buggies and agricultural equipment for working oxen – ploughs / harrows / trailers / rollers
  • Training of oxen
  • Fencing
  • Research for innovative ways of using ox power
  • Granary


  • Polytunnels / greenhouses
  • Storage and preparation sheds
  • Seed spreaders
  • Buying heirloom seeds
  • Composting boxes (to speed breakdown of manure)
  • Bio digester for extracting methane for energy and production of high quality fertiliser

Step two – An Ahimsa eco-village

  • visitor, conference and educational centre
  • low-impact housing and cottage industries

Visitor, Conference and Educational Centre:

  • Exhibition celebrating relationship between cows and humans through the ages
  • Café / shop
  • Conference and seminar facilities
  • Research and innovation centre
  • Facility for school visits and groups
  • Car park

Cottage Industries:

  • Set up units/ buy equipment for:
    • Beekeeping
    • Handmade soap
    • Preserves
    • Pottery


  • Main house for core farming families
  • Erect low impact ecologically sound housing units for farm employees and visitors


  • Wetlands preservation and development
  • Wildflower meadows

Step three – Embracing the future

  • set up an Ahimsa Land Trust
  • set up a slaughter-free certifying body
  • roll out the model to other farmers
  • Set up Ahimsa Land Trust
  • Establish a slaughter-free association or certifying body
  • Partner with other bodies to provide access to land
  • Rolling out a workable, sustainable slaughter-free model for other farmers


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By becoming an AHIMSA Member you become part of our mission to make slaughter-free milk a reality across Britain and beyond.

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2020 Campaign Message

We have set ourselves a target of securing commitments from 50 new Patron Members and 100 new Partner Members by the end of March 2020. Of course all levels of membership are greatly appreciated, but we are particularly hoping for support at these levels!”

Mitali P – Membership Coordinator

“The Ahimsa Dairy is starting a slaughter-free revolution because it’s now what people want and Rutland is paving the way. It’s a huge step forward for farmers, cows and the environment. I’ll never say I’m vegan again!”

Chrissie Hynde, Lead Singer – Pretenders

Click image for manifesto PDF

Click image for manifesto PDF

Download a PDF version of our manifesto here

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