“Ahimsa” farming is the traditional, ancient Indian method of farming. “Ahimsa” means “non-violent”, and so Ahimsa farming does not entail any harm to the animals or land. Some would call it ‘Yoga farming’, or working in natural harmony with the land.

At our Rutland Ahimsa Eco-Dairy, we uphold the principles inherent in this self-sustaining and cow protecting method.

  1. We never kill a cow
  2. Our calves suckle from their mothers until weaned
  3. We primarily milk by hand
  4. We give our oxen meaningful work

Our farm is small but self-sustaining. Our delicious, vitamin D rich, pure milk is delivered to our customers weekly and we have over 1000 names on our waiting list.

We have one bull in a field whom we allow a cow to spend a few days with if we decide she is ready to be impregnated.

It’s a misconception that a cow needs to produce a calf regularly in order to give milk. We control the numbers of our herd, and as all cows and oxen have unique personalities, each member of our herd has a name.

Our male calves are learning voice commands and will not need nose rings as many of the herd have, as they have been rescued from commercial diaries. We do not brand or label our animals. Rather, we treat them as family members.

As part of our energy-saving and environmentally conscious ethos, we endeavour to source ploughs and treadmills so that our oxen can work the land naturally without us having to use fossil fuels on our farm. This is how the land was cultivated in pre-industrial societies, but commercial dairy farms have now done away with the traditional types of farming implements. Instead, the unemployed male calves are sold off to the meat market.

In summary: We are non-violent and love our animals, and they love us too!

For information on how to set up an ahimsa dairy farm yourself, please contact us.

A Revolutionary New Dairy

The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation is a not-for-profit company that was set up to provide entirely slaughter-free milk.  Until recently, we piloted our model and worked in partnership with an organic dairy and environmental charity in Kent called Commonwork, and with OMSco – the Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative.  We are now completely independent.

The inspiration behind the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation comes from the farm at Bhaktivedanta Manor, which is run by the Hare Krishna community and remains a unique experiment into what happens when dairy cows and their offspring are allowed to live productive lives instead of being exploited and sacrificed in the name of cheap milk.

No parent would like to see their children suffer. So why should we let cows and their calves suffer to feed our children industrialised milk, when there is a much better, healthier and more compassionate alternative?

At present our girls, who all have names, produce 23,000 of litres of milk a year. We distribute to the door in North West London and parts of Hertfordshire. We have drop-off points in other areas of London and the South-East and can distribute milk and other products when available nationally by mail. We also go to Queens Park and Islington London Farmers’ markets on Sundays.

Cows are retired to join their friends in the non-milking herd when they are past milking age where they spend their days eating grass and chewing the cud.

We are looking at a variety of ways of working with bulls. These range from ploughing the land to producing electricity and milling flour.

Our mission is to make slaughter-free milk a reality and establish sustainable dairy farms in Britain, which give people a real ethical choice.

– No slaughter of cows, bull-calves or bulls
– Calves stay with their mums and the herd
– No artificial insemination
– Cows graze freely on organic pasture
– Cows milked by hand

‘I am full of admiration for the Ahimsa project.’

Satish Kumar
Editor-in-Chief of Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine

‘This wonderful initiative represents the pinnacle of animal welfare and a shift towards recognising the importance of being nonviolent to nature and to animals in the production of food’

Patrick Holden
Director of Sustainable Food Trust

‘If cows are treated according to the high ethical principles of cow protection, where no cows are slaughtered, their milk provides unlimited benefits for human health and I am delighted to support Ahimsa Milk’

Chrissie Hynde
(The Pretenders)

‘ALL YOU WHO CARE ABOUT WELFARE of COWS must see this. It IS possible to produce slaughter-free milk. Follow these guys!’

Brian May
(Queen guitarist)


  1. lucinda says:

    very happy to hear you guys are doing such a great job! let us hope we can look forward to a future with no cruelty to animals.

  2. Jane Copus Copus says:

    I was thrilled vto hear about you on ,On our Farm , this moring. I have been a vegetarian all my life and am fit and we’ll at 70. I do still use dairy products such as milk and cheese which I have not been happy about although I always buy ‘vegetarian,’cheese and organic milk. How can I find your products in Kent?
    My mother has also been a vegetarian for 70 years. She is doing well at 97.
    Please keep me informed. We are passionately against the slaughterhouse.
    Thank you
    Jane Copus

  3. Linda Blackett says:

    Sounds like a lovely farm. Unfortunately I didn’t hear the radio programme, but will certainly investigate purchasing your special milk.

  4. Nicky says:


  5. Dawn says:

    All this is music to my ears. It is the way should be produced. Well done and keep up the good work. I will share this wonderful news.

  6. Ram says:

    A good way for a better world .
    Those who consume Ahimsa milk will be good citizens with love,peace and harmony of life.

  7. Pepe Swift says:

    I am becoming increasingly worried about the dairy industry. I am currently trying to be vegan but hate non milk alternatives in tea and coffee, although I enjoy almond and soya milk in smoothies or as yoghurt.
    I do feel that we need to reduce our intake of cow products but would love to have dairy without all the guilt of knowing the immense suffering that these poor animal go through to produce milk which so many carelessly drink without ever stopping to think about the huge cost the product really entails.

    If I am to eat/drink dairy even for the occasional treat, I wold love to have a source that was compassionately produced.

  8. Kerry Laishley says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I have cut out milk – I now use almond milk – but I still have a little cheese, so just wondering if you sell cheese please? Thank you for what you are doing.

  9. China Traynor says:

    Wow….I’m so overwhelmed…I don’t know how to explain how much my daughter loves milk, but since watching the devastating treatment of cows in the dairy industry…I couldn’t purchase it.

    Thank you so much for going the extra mile.

    China Traynor

  10. Doreen Jensen says:

    I think you are doing wonderful work. I have been vegetarian for over 40 years and several years ago gave up dairy products because of the cruelty of the dairy industry. However, I do miss eating cheese and would love to buy your cheese. I wish there were more kind people like you. Thank you.

  11. Hannah says:

    Thank-you so much for your amazing idea! All animals are worthy of compassion, kindness and respect and your compassion at the plight of cows in the milk industry is so moving. My new years resolutions include giving up eggs, fish (i do not eat other meat) and now, having looked into it, never buying or using milk that isn’t cruelty free. The pain and suffering innocent animals have to endure in this world is horrendous and I do not want to be a part of it. Your company is amazing and stems from beautiful hearts.

  12. Rachel Franklin says:

    Oh, this is such good news, I googled, ‘ethical milk’ because I can’t cope with the divide in my head anymore between loving to drink milk and despairing at the death that goes with it. I hope you are successful and your milk becomes available where I live. If I had money to change the world, I would do what you are doing, lovely and necessary.x

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