26th July 2020 – Superhero passes away – Posted in: Super Hero

It is with great sadness we would like to announce the passing away of our four year old bull, Superhero.

Superhero is the father of Jambo, Cocoa, Florence, Jagannath and Honeysuckle. He was mild mannered, quite unusual in that sense as bulls tend to be full of vigour and strength. An unfortunate incident took place with one of our boisterous oxen Henry who jumped a fence into the bull field last Thursday. It was a double fence, he clipped the first one on the ox field and from a higher bank cleared the second electric fence which was five feet high, he qualifies for a show horse jumping high fences!

There must have been some aggression between the Superhero and Henry. Although Superhero has more testosterone, Henry is bigger, three years senior and also has horns. Although nobody witnessed the duel, it was clear from the gouges in Superhero’s rib cage that he was the loser. He was found wounded in the corner of the field. Our cowherds nursed him and tried to help him back on his feet. Initially there were signs that he would recover, he was responding to feed and water by raising the top half of his body, but we could not get him to stand. We made an attempt to lift him with the help of a tractor on Sunday but it was to no avail. On Sunday afternoon it became clear that he was not going to make it, his legs had gone cold and his eyes started to recede. He took his final breath and left his body just after 9pm on Sunday evening. It was a sad parting with his cowherd friends close around him.

After final prayers later today, his body will be prepared for being taken away. UK legislation dictates his body be incinerated.