Membership Programme

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Become part of our mission to make slaughter-free milk a reality across Britain and beyond*

Aims of Ahimsa Dairy Foundation:

  • To establish slaughter free dairies across Britain, with the following Key Objectives:
    • No slaughter of cows/calves or bulls
    • Calves stay with their mums and the herd
    • No artificial insemination (AI)
    • Cows graze freely on organic pasture
    • Cows milked by hand
  • To educate and campaign for slaughter free milk
  • To establish an ‘Ahimsa’ marque / Label certifying slaughter free milk
  • To pilot, model and replicate sustainable Ahimsa dairies
  • To support the establishment of Ahimsa dairies and ox-working farms
  • To further sustainable farming and support biodiversity and the environment
  • To explore innovative ways of working with bulls

Choose your level of support

There is no difference between membership levels in terms of perks, etc. The one you choose purely reflects the level of support you wish to offer. All members receive welcome pack, quarterly e-newsletters, and invitation to Ahimsa events.

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Ahimsa Dairy Foundation Concession Member: £5 a month – if you are unemployed, retired etc., we invite you to apply for concession membership here

Member Priority

Milk and products, such as cheese, yoghurt, ghee etc. are often available only in very limited supply. While we are naturally inclined to offer priority to our members and cow sponsors, unfortunately we cannot guarantee ready supply even to our members.

We have a very long milk waiting list at present and are therefore not currently accepting new waiting list submissions from non-members. Members may still opt to join the list after setting up their membership direct debit, but they are advised that we can make no prediction at this point how long they might remain on the waiting list. We apologise for this.

*Membership funds give us and our cows added security to forge ahead with our mission.