Sponsor an Ahimsa cow or calf to never reach the dinner table!

Become sponsor yourself, or sponsor in the name of a friend or family member as a compassionate and unusual gift.

The cow sponsorship pack* comprises:

• Welcome pack and certificate
• Photo of chosen cow/calf
• Cow fridge magnet
• ‘Join the family’ ahimsa stickers
• Regular updates via e-newsletter

N.B. If you decide to sponsor a cow in the name of someone else, simply email us afterwards with the person details and any personal message after setting up your direct debit, and we will do the needful.

*All support is appreciated, but for financial reasons sponsorship packs are sent only to those sponsoring a cow for a minimum of £3/month, or making a one-time donation of minimum £36 (equivalent to 1 year sponsorship @ £3/month)


Our cows’ retirement fund is built into the price of Ahimsa Slaughter-free Milk, but we are a non-for-profit company and would like to put a little more aside for those rainy days. For example vets bills, or a rise in the price of hay and straw. We also guarantee that no male calves will ever be slaughtered on our watch, and we need funds to explore innovative and productive ways of working with bulls.

Ahimsa milk has really solved a problem I was having because I was struggling to become totally vegan and soya milk was no substitute in a cup of tea. The milk itself tastes so much better than supermarket milk and even has a creamy top (like milk used to have).

I’m happy to sponsor Iris the cow because I believe that if you have to use animal products then there should be no long term effects from this and I am delighted that the cows can live out a natural life once they have finished producing milk

Kaye M – Hertfordshire

I have recently begun to sponsor two cows Dora & Tilly on behalf of my Grandchildren. I felt that not only would this be a very different form of ‘Stocking filler’ gift for them at Christmas but would be a good way for them to develop an interest in animal welfare and a real understanding of how their food is produced. I was especially drawn to the ethos behind Ahimsa Dairy Foundation and by the opportunity to support such a unique (to the UK) project. One that is dedicated to the care and well-being of the animals rather than being driven by the need for ever increasing levels of production efficiency in the pursuit of ever great profit.

Mina C – Birmingham

Sponsorship Pack

Fridge Magnet

Sponsorship Certificate

Ahimsa Sticker

Cow sponsorship starts from as little as £3 a month. The sponsorship pack comprises of certificate of sponsorship,  photo of you cow, fridge magnet and stickers, and we start sending you our regular e-newsletter. For reasons of financial sense, packs are sent only to those sponsoring a cow for £3/month or more, or to those making a donation of £36 or more (£36 being equivalent to 1 year sponsorship @ £3/month).


Milk and products, such as cheese, yoghurt, ghee etc. are often available only in limited supply. While we are naturally inclined to offer priority to our members and cow sponsors, unfortunately we cannot guarantee ready supply even to our members.

We have a very long waiting list at present … check current milk production / waiting list situation here … we are therefore not currently accepting new waiting list submissions from non-members. Members may still opt to join the list after setting up their membership direct debit, but they are advised that we can make no prediction at this point how long they might remain on the waiting list.