1. Adrian van Steijn says:

    I have heard that you do take the calves away from their mother after some days — if this is true then the milk you are selling is NOT A-himsa! The milk can ONLY be Ahimsa if the calves can continually drink from their mother.

    A. van Steijn, Netherlands

    1. Sue says:

      Dear Mr van Steijn:

      Thank you for your comment.

      For your information, our calves are not taken from the mothers for a period of weeks. After that they live in a nursery group, but go back to their mothers twice a day at milking times. This is pleasurable for babies and mothers.

      Our first and number one goal was to create a sustainable slaughter-free hers. We have accomplishes that goal. Our next goals are around providing as stimulating and healthy environment as possible for the herd.

      We thank everyone for supporting us in this endeavour. One step at a time we will have a model for a true Ahimsa herd.


      Susan Maylor
      Ahimsa Cows.

    2. Sue says:

      Dear Mr van Steijn:

      Please see my reply above. Thank you for your comment and your interest in Ahimsa slaughter-free milk.

      Together we hope to see sustainable slaughter-free herds thriving around the globe.

  2. Sherry says:

    This sounds like a wonderful means of producing milk. I am vegetarian and would love to find dairy and egg products from farms that are cruelty-free and sustainable. However, I live in the Bay Area of California. Any hope of getting your products here? Or do you know of farms in Northern California that have similar beliefs about raising animals?

  3. Jeanette P. Keen says:

    Still enjoy a glass of milk and eating cheese and butter, but am very concerned about welfare of cows and calves!
    Well done!

  4. Sandeep says:

    Great Initiative 🙂

  5. Jeanette says:

    Would like to add in addition to the above comments on organic dairy farming, that we have been buying org produce, including locally produced milk and cheeses for several years now, and we sincerely wish that all local west country farms would consider this non – slaughter policy, it is probably the major worry we have about consuming org milk, which I have to admit, with four grown lads, is a big concern in my house!

    One big step forward for smaller, local british farms we hope!

    All the best with this venture, Jeanette, Alex , Matthew and Joe Keen. Yeovil. South – Somerset. 21/08/2011.

    1. Sue says:

      Hello Jeanette and family: Thank you so much for your supportive comments. Although we feel we have some way to go before our herd truly reflect how we believe cows should be treated, we are thankful that we have made a start. We are providing slaughter-free milk from happy, healthy cows.

      We hope in the future to become a model for sustainable slaughter-free herds to be farmed around the world!

  6. Kerry says:

    Having seen first hand the standards of milking cows and what happens to their Calves (Killed at birth or pumped full of steroids for 6 months before being killed for cheap mince) I am so glad this company has come up with an alternative. I wonder whether there is any way of getting it into a supermarket chain as I for one would spend the extra couple of pounds to know that an animal has not suffered for my enjoyment. We live in North Wales and if ever this milk becomes available I will be the first to buy it!!!

  7. Alexandria says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful perspective and proactive action in setting an example and opportunity for others to expereince and potentially replicate. I eat a raw vegan diet and live as much as possible a simple way of life, so I share your view on the back to basics way of life.

  8. Julian Rose says:

    That’s a fine statement – full of thoughtful compassion.

    I think Ahimsa milk has much to recommend it. As an ex dairty farmer I can say that my heart mourned each time one of my cows went to be killed – even though they had enjoyed a long life and an organic diet. People are waking up to the fact that we are a part of nature and share her pain and pleaasure. Very good luck with this brave project – I suspect Ahimsa milk will soon be in demand.

    Julian Rose

    1. Sue says:

      Thank you Julian. We are at the very earliest stages, and truly appreciate your supportive comment. We are indeed a part of nature. Previously we as humas have behaved as though the world literally revolved around us and everything in it was there for our enjoyment and exploitation. Hopefully many of us are now waking up! Thanks again. Best wishes for your future endeavours too.

  9. Sunny Gurnani says:

    I am so glad to see this organization, I was tensed since quite some time as I am a vegetarian but I am very much afraid of having milk because I have learned that in western countries dairy cows are slaughtered at the age of 4-6 and bulls are slaughtered in short time after their birth.

    We really need something in United States too, I have seen too many vegetarian people out here and they will be very interested in buying milk from industries which are not involved in killing the animals for any reason.

    It would be grateful if AhimsaMilk can open some branches in USA or atleast we can talk about if ahumsamilk can help in some way or other (Ie we can get some sponsor’s in US and AhimsaMilk can guide us about the technology and management)

    Waiting for your reply at [email protected]

    1. Sue says:

      Hello Sunny: Thank you for your kind and knowledgable comment. Have you joined our corporate page on facebook at Ahimsa-Happy Healthy Cows and our Ahimsa Cows page also? I put a link to a friend trying to put together exactly what you’d like to support in the States. Here is his e-mail too: madhavadasa [email protected]

      Many thanks and goodluck spreading the reality of slaughter-free milk across the globe.

  10. Suzanne Powis says:

    How wonderful it is to hear of Ahimsa Milk. Well done to all concerned in the day to day up keep of the dairy and the welfare of the cows. I think these wonderful ladies are entitled to their retirement after many years of milk and calf production. Thank you so much for brightening my day, you can rest assured i will be spreading the word.

    Kind Regards
    Suzanne Powis

  11. Beryl Gilbert says:

    Wow, just discovered you! Are you for real? If so, it is fantastic! I truly believe every animal we use for anything deserves to keep its life, humane treatment, and a happy retirement. We clearly owe them this at the least.
    Im sorry I live so far away in California. I would love to visit. The best I can do here is be vegan and promote our farm animal sanctuaries (we are near Animal Place in Grass Valley and Farm Sanctuary in Orland).
    Ahimsa 🙂

  12. alison says:

    lovely! bless you all! the cows do! xxxx

  13. Bethany Hunt says:

    You are wonderful people doing wonderful work! I only wish you delivered everywhere, so I could enjoy cows milk again.

  14. Janice Holland says:

    This government has a lot to be ashamed about but this badger cull is a crime against nature.

  15. Gaurav Kamboj says:

    Cows are as affectionate as a human mother that is why she feels the joy and pain in delivering and upbringing her offspring.

  16. susan hammond says:

    It is fantastic to see so much hard work going into improving the lives of dairy cows,they deserve it!

  17. china traynor says:

    This is wonderful. I hope to see your products and efforts flourish. Bright blessings’
    china x

  18. Emma Owens says:

    This sounds like something I’ve been searching for!

  19. Tracey says:

    I am so happy to know Tilly’s offspring will get to lead long and productive lives. What are the chances of 3 boys eh?

  20. Isabella Rodziewicz says:

    For years I have questioned the whole idea of having to slaughter the offspring of dairy cows in order to produce milk. Surely there must be a better way. I am so pleased you have made this a reality, so,what if the milk is more expensive, we don’t need to drink gallons of the stuff, just enough. Good luck, hope you go from strength to strength.

  21. Sandra says:

    hi I think your whole ethos to slaughter free is amazing Do you deliver to Bournemouth or can you recommend any milk I can buy cows or goats that is cruelty free

  22. Simon Leadbeater says:

    It is very sad that ‘officialdom’ is not trying to support you, and one wonders whose side they are on. When one considers the trajectory for modern farming generally I despair, except for the small beacon of light called ‘Ahimsa slaughter-free milk.’ So please please persevere.

    I believe Churchill said ‘never, never, give up’ and don’t forget Robert the Bruce’s spider!

  23. Jason nosworthy says:

    this is one of the best initiatives I have heard of ever. I am also in Somerset and I am very concerned regarding this subject. apart from taking a vegan stance, this is the best next solution. I would always pay extra to prevent an animal suffering, even on a low income. we need this milk in Somerset please!!!!!!

  24. Christine Murray says:

    Keep going. Don’t let them win! Raw dairy seems to be in big demand, especially butter, it is really hard to get as is always out of stock. However there is a raw dairy in Clitheroe, Lancashire, not sure about welfare standards though have had some of their cream. Good luck.

  25. lucinda says:

    very happy to hear you guys are doing such a great job! let us hope we can look forward to a future with no cruelty to animals.

  26. Lesley fletcher says:

    I have just listened to your broadcast , I wholeheartedly support what you are doing . I disagree that people who live in London would pay more . I’ve recently moved to London from Pembrokeshire and I would have sought out your milk and paid the price.
    Kind Regards

  27. Jane Copus Copus says:

    I was thrilled vto hear about you on ,On our Farm , this moring. I have been a vegetarian all my life and am fit and we’ll at 70. I do still use dairy products such as milk and cheese which I have not been happy about although I always buy ‘vegetarian,’cheese and organic milk. How can I find your products in Kent?
    My mother has also been a vegetarian for 70 years. She is doing well at 97.
    Please keep me informed. We are passionately against the slaughterhouse.
    Thank you
    Jane Copus

  28. irene jones says:

    Listened to Radio 4 today about your Farm – Ahimsa – was overwhelmed with your compassion – thank you -Blessings to you – I have campaigned in the past against Mega Dairies – Stay Beautiful – x

  29. Shelley says:

    Hello, I was listening to, BBC Radio 4 On Your Farm this morning on Radio 4 and think that what your working towards is such a fabulous idea. By any chance are you planning on doing any training on your farm or producing a book ?? As I would love to hear how you are achieving your goals of milking and keeping cows for their lifetime. I do hope that your milking parlour is up and working soon and hope to be purchasing some milk from you in the near future.

    Regard Shelley

  30. Sue Dennis says:

    We heard your wonderful program this morning on the radio. Can we buy milk from you please? We live in Leicestershire.

    Many thanks,

  31. Linda Blackett says:

    Sounds like a lovely farm. Unfortunately I didn’t hear the radio programme, but will certainly investigate purchasing your special milk.

  32. Carolyn Billingsley says:

    I have just listen to On Your Farm and was excited and delighted to hear about your dairy. I think that the cruelty associated with milk production is possibly the best kept secret in the farming industry. Recently at a dinner party I explained to a well educated guest the audit trail of a pint of conventionally produced milk – she was absolutely horrified and at over 50 year was amazed that she had never before heard anything about the cruelty involved. When I see adverts for dairy products which consist of young calves bounding joyfully in buttercup filled fields around their mums contentedly munching grass I am amazed that the horrors of intensively farmed cows are kept hidden from the public in such a duplicitous way. Milk is a ubiquitous product and every morning humans splash copious quantities of it on our cereal, in our tea and coffee without a jot of awareness about how it came to be produced. I am intrigued as to how the intensive dairy industry has managed so successfully to keep the darker side of milk production so well hidden. But I did notice how careful the presenter was in the programme not to elucidate too graphically on the darker side of dairy farming – and used gentle words like dispatched rather than slaughtered. I wondered does this have something to do with not upsetting the powerful dairy farming industry? or is it more about a fear that if people where enlightened about intensive dairy farming practices no one would ever want to buy milk again?!

    I think your dairy is absolutely fantastic and if it were possible to explain to people honestly what is involved in producing their daily pint I am sure the majority of people would chose your milk finances permitting of course.

    I currently purchase my dairy products from a farm similar – but not quite as ethical as yours as it’s not completely slaughter free but the calves do remain with their mums until they are about a year and the dairy cows are looked after with love and respect.

    I have a family that consumes a large amount of milk and for me this is an acceptable compromise between ethics and financial constraints. But I will definitely be purchasing dairy products in the future from you and I will spread the word about your cruelty free dairy far and wide. Sadly many people will chose to remain blissfully ignorant of the process behind the production of our food.

    I think what you are doing is absolutely brilliant and wish you luck.

  33. Nicky says:


  34. Dawn says:

    All this is music to my ears. It is the way should be produced. Well done and keep up the good work. I will share this wonderful news.

  35. Ram says:

    A good way for a better world .
    Those who consume Ahimsa milk will be good citizens with love,peace and harmony of life.

  36. Pepe Swift says:

    I am becoming increasingly worried about the dairy industry. I am currently trying to be vegan but hate non milk alternatives in tea and coffee, although I enjoy almond and soya milk in smoothies or as yoghurt.
    I do feel that we need to reduce our intake of cow products but would love to have dairy without all the guilt of knowing the immense suffering that these poor animal go through to produce milk which so many carelessly drink without ever stopping to think about the huge cost the product really entails.

    If I am to eat/drink dairy even for the occasional treat, I wold love to have a source that was compassionately produced.

  37. Kerry Laishley says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I have cut out milk – I now use almond milk – but I still have a little cheese, so just wondering if you sell cheese please? Thank you for what you are doing.

  38. Deborah Edwards says:

    End cruel dairy farming now

  39. Brian George says:

    More and more people are waking up to the truth about ‘animals’ – They are conscious sentient beings just like us. What right has anyone to exploit or harm any other of them?
    More needs to be done to educate people about the realities of ‘Factory Farming’ and the total indifference to the suffering inflicted upon these sentient beings with whom we were meant to share the earth.

  40. hannah says:

    Over time, I have become increasingly disturbed by dairy farming practices – to the point where I was turning vegan through principle – definitely not through taste. I am delighted to have found an alternative.

  41. China Traynor says:

    Wow….I’m so overwhelmed…I don’t know how to explain how much my daughter loves milk, but since watching the devastating treatment of cows in the dairy industry…I couldn’t purchase it.

    Thank you so much for going the extra mile.

    China Traynor

  42. Heather Mellor says:

    Such a great idea, please keep up the good work!!

  43. Tara Clark says:

    Thanks for doing what you do

  44. Caroline Wright says:

    I’ve recently become aware of how awful the standard dairy industry really is and I can’t wait to try ahimsa milk ASAP! X

  45. Doreen Jensen says:

    I think you are doing wonderful work. I have been vegetarian for over 40 years and several years ago gave up dairy products because of the cruelty of the dairy industry. However, I do miss eating cheese and would love to buy your cheese. I wish there were more kind people like you. Thank you.

  46. marilyn says:

    Thank you so much for doing this
    With love

  47. Michael Fraser says:

    I love what you are doing in Britain and want to see the same evolve here in the USA. Developing no-kill dairy farms where we honor all animals as sentient beings. I am so glad you are embarking on this noble path to help our sacred friends who do so much for humans yet have had no voice. It us my hope we can create a new improved style of dairy farming that will be desirable for all.

  48. Hannah says:

    Thank-you so much for your amazing idea! All animals are worthy of compassion, kindness and respect and your compassion at the plight of cows in the milk industry is so moving. My new years resolutions include giving up eggs, fish (i do not eat other meat) and now, having looked into it, never buying or using milk that isn’t cruelty free. The pain and suffering innocent animals have to endure in this world is horrendous and I do not want to be a part of it. Your company is amazing and stems from beautiful hearts.

  49. Rachel Franklin says:

    Oh, this is such good news, I googled, ‘ethical milk’ because I can’t cope with the divide in my head anymore between loving to drink milk and despairing at the death that goes with it. I hope you are successful and your milk becomes available where I live. If I had money to change the world, I would do what you are doing, lovely and necessary.x

  50. Jean robinson says:

    I am vegan but miss cheese vegan cheese is vile so as I’m vegan because of animal cruelty I would be very interested in buying cheese if available thank you

  51. Gary Willis says:

    This is amazing news, I have been a vegetarian for 21 years and ignorantly only just realised the cruelty involved in the cow and also goat milking process. Alternative milks are easily available such as soy milk or hazelnut milk. But firstly I really don’t like them in tea or coffee and soy production is killing rainforests. I’ve just tried plant based yogurt too which I didn’t like too much and also it was very processed. So finding out you can actually buy cruelty free milk, and hopefully other products too, for me is fantasic news. Well done for this innovative way of thinking. I hope you have continued success and I shall definitely be spreading the word.

  52. Lynsy Trimble says:

    Lovely seeing such kindness! I hope this comes to Gloucester x