Ahimsa Milk Manifesto

For centuries a symbiotic or mutually dependent relationship has
existed between cows and humans. It used to be that cows produced
milk for their calves to drink, and in return people would generally
give them protection  … read/download the Ahimsa Milk Manifesto here

Please note that while Ahimsa raw milk is sold at Queens Park Market on every Sunday, we are at Islington Market ONLY on 2nd Sunday, 4th Sunday and 5th Sunday (where it exists) of each month.

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– join our mission to make slaughter-free milk a reality across Britain …

  • No slaughter of cows/calves or bulls
  • Protected and extended mother-calf relationships
  • No artificial insemination (AI)

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Milk Waiting List

Raw and whole pasteurised milk are currently being delivered to doorstep/drop-point locations in the North London/within M25 area, and throughout the rest of the UK via mailorder. Please note that there is a waiting list for new customers at this time … you are therefore invited to join the waiting list –  tell us about yourself and your milk requirements … and we will get back to you to co-ordinate customer account setup and payment arrangements when we are nearing a position to supply you.

Production of cheese, yoghurt and other products is presently paused, but we expect to resume in the spring of 2018.

Please note that milk and products are often available only in limited supply. Whenever this is the case we are naturally inclined to offer new-customer priority to our members (choose your level of support – set up your membership here) and cow sponsors

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Ahimsa Milk Products


Ahimsa products are available for mailorder in the UK and via doorstep delivery/pickup (only within our existing delivery area) … please note that this service is currently (as of June 2017) paused while we seek local authority permission for milk pasteurisation.


Become an AHIMSA Member today – join our mission to make slaughter-free milk a reality across Britain … read more here

Donate / Sponsor a Cow


Our base fund for cow retirement is built into the price of Ahimsa milk and products, but you can help cover the extras … click here

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