October 2016: Raw Milk Production Started

Our milking cows were moved to our Groby land in July 2016 and our production of milk was stopped at that time because the facilities and permits we need for producing pasteurized milk were not in place. As of 15th October, we have the permissions in place for us to offer raw milk … but it is likely that everything we need for production of pasteurized milk will not be in place until early 2017.

Existing customers who are interested in receiving raw milk instead of their previous pasteurized milk are invited to contact us.

New customers, please continue to register your interest via our waiting list form here … and if you are interested in raw milk and located in the greater London area we might well be able to start supplying you now. Please note that membership, which starts at £9.00/month, is required (details about membership here)


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  • No slaughter of cows/calves or bulls
  • Protected and extended mother-calf relationships
  • No artificial insemination (AI)

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Join Us On The Journey - ways to get involved

Purchase Ahimsa Milk Products


A range of Ahimsa products / baskets are available for mailorder in the UK and via doorstep delivery/pickup (only within our existing delivery area) … click here

Donate / Sponsor a Cow


Our base fund for cow retirement is built into the price of Ahimsa milk and products, but you can help cover the extras … click here

Ahimsa land appeal fund

Rosie September 2014

The Ahimsa slaughter-free dairy has been looking for a permanent home for its cows. We are appealing for funds to buy suitable land where all of our cows can be together, where we can process our milk, make cheese and build a visitor centre. We have identified some organic land in Rutland … read more here

Veg Box

In 2017 we plan to resume our veggie-bag scheme (trialed at the end of 2015) – to distribute produce from our Leicester Farm. The veggie-bag will remain only available in our existing London-based milk distribution areas and in or very close to Leicester. … register / read more here

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