Back In The Fields

Winter has finally ended and to mark the sun’s return all of our cows returned to the fields on Saturday 5th May to munch on the lush, green grass. It is the happiest day in their year and they were all in their elements as they came down the path onto the fields … the full story and photos here

Ahimsa Raw Milk at London Farmers' Markets

Please note that while Ahimsa raw milk is sold at Queens Park Market every Sunday. We are at Islington Market on 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays (where it exists) of each month. The markets are open between 10am and 2pm.

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  • No slaughter of cows/calves or bulls
  • Calves stay with their mums and the herd
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  • Cows graze freely on organic pasture
  • Cows milked by hand

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Milk & Products

Raw and whole pasteurised milk are currently being delivered to doorstep/drop-point locations in the North London/within M25 area, and throughout the rest of the UK via mailorder. We already have a very long milk waiting list and therefore the list is closed to new submissions at this time. Sorry. Come and visit us at a farmers’ market if you are in London where you can still buy our raw milk.

Production of cheese, yoghurt and other products is presently paused, but we expect to resume in 2018.

We may not be able to offer you products at this time, but please consider becoming a member to support our slaughter-free mission

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Become an AHIMSA Member today – join our mission to make slaughter-free milk a reality across Britain … read more here

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