Press release – Dec 2011

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Press Release 4th December 2011 The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation launches cow and calf sponsorship scheme The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation (ADF), which supplies entirely slaughter-free milk from its herd of organic cows in Kent, has now launched a sponsorship scheme for people to help support its cows and calves. The...
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Factory Farming; hotbed of future contagions!

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       “Viral Storm: the dawn of a new Pandemic Age.”  written by Nathan Wolfe is a true wakeup call. Little do many of us realise that our modern way of living with it’s emphasis on factory farming, constant long-distance travel and over-used antibiotics, is creating a powder keg of destruction for our...
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Breast is Best

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Surely until we know all the ramifications of ingesting genetically modified food we need to slow down our experimentation, especially when it comes to adding human DNA to animals. The latest “great idea” comes from China where apparently scientists have added human DNA to cattle embryos to create a herd producing milk...
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