New Calves

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New Calves Meet Horatio and Primrose two new additions to the Ahimsa herd. They are happy little calves and are looking forward to playing in the fields once spring arrives. Eventually Primrose will become a milking cow. Horatio will start training as a working ox when he gets to...
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Bigger not always Better.

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The organic advocate group The Soil Association says Organic Farming adopts a practical model for producing climate friendly food. “This is because it is less dependent on oil-based fertilizers and pesticides and confers resilience in the face of climatic extremes. It also stores higher levels of carbon in the...
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A Life of Contentment.

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Here are some of our beautiful ladies peacefully grazing at our farm in Kent. Universally Cows are seen as an emblem or symbol of peace. The word “bucolic” which refers to a pastoral scene, comes from the Greek word “boukolos”, which translates to cowherd. Unlike most mammals, Cows do...
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Factory Farming; hotbed of future contagions!

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       “Viral Storm: the dawn of a new Pandemic Age.”  written by Nathan Wolfe is a true wakeup call. Little do many of us realise that our modern way of living with it’s emphasis on factory farming, constant long-distance travel and over-used antibiotics, is creating a powder keg of destruction for our...
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If All Life is Sacred?

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I know many ethical people who agree in principle that slaughtering animals is wrong. Killing them for food also “seems” morally wrong they’ll nod, as they wander into a fast food restaurant and begin chewing on chicken bones or eating ground cows in the form of a greasy burger?...
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