A Life of Contentment. – Posted in: Cow Talk, General, Uncategorized

Here are some of our beautiful ladies peacefully grazing at our farm in Kent.

Universally Cows are seen as an emblem or symbol of peace. The word “bucolic” which refers to a pastoral scene, comes from the Greek word “boukolos”, which translates to cowherd.

Unlike most mammals, Cows do not fight over food, they are not generally agressive and even when being herded into slaughterhouses, to be killed for food, they simply look sad and don’t try to fight back.

They are often sociable, and form lasting friendships, prefering to spend more time with some Cows than others. They are known to be very affectionate to their caretakers, and those who take care of Cows seem to take on this quality too.

An afternoon spent watching the graceful, unhurrying grazing of a herd of Cows almost leaves us sleepy with peace and contentment. Feeding them some lettuce, apples and other tidbits can be addictive, as is their gracious company.

Our herd, live peaceful and safe lives. The threat of being sent to slaughter does not hang over them and they are not just a number. I sponsor a Cow named Tilly. Being part of a slaughter-free herd means that Tilly will live out her life naturally. She will not be pregnant most of her life, with babies torn from her shortly after birth. Her calves will join the dairy herd if female and be trained as oxen if male. Don’t tell me her milk does not get it’s sweetness from her life of contentment.

And then there’s the cultivation of friends. Tilly has one or two best girlfriends to chew the cud with. Her life is ordered, with purpose and the pace is slow.

Sometimes I envy her.