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The organic advocate group The Soil Association says Organic Farming adopts a practical model for producing climate friendly food.

“This is because it is less dependent on oil-based fertilizers and pesticides and confers resilience in the face of climatic extremes. It also stores higher levels of carbon in the soil, and as a result if organic farming was common practise in the UK, we could offset at least 23% of agriculture’s greenhouse emissions.”

Using all organic products, a small UK company is paving the way for small businesses to not only come back, but succeed.

In these unstable economic times,  this small company “What on Earth” appears to be flourishing.

Company Co-Founder and sales director Jeremy Jaffe puts the success down to the fact that the firm supplies smaller independent stores, rather than large, chain supermarkets.

The small London based company reports a very successful year, with an almost 50% increase in revenue from just below 3 million to 5 million last year.

Indeed, in 2011 it delivered more than half a million organic-based products to it’s customers. All organic, the company began 13 years ago with a humble organic pizza.

It has grown, grounded by an ethical and environmentally concious culture.

In the workplace, company director Jaffe says “We have very simple principles and always look for the simplest and most uncomplicated options-and they are often the best and most ethically-minded.”

In these sad days of Mega Dairies, Factory Farms and massive super-scale supermarkets, who complain bitterly of financial losses, this small, independent ethically minded company is a breath of fresh air.

Let us hope that this bodes well for the future.

Smaller, ethically and environmentally minded companies can exist alongside the giants. In fact it seems, they can thrive!