Barn art, Bansky Style!

Ever seen a grafittied cow? Most people have seen one of the famous ‘Cow Parade’ painted cows, but few know that the scuptures make up the largest public art event in the world. Over fifty cities have hosted the project since its beginning, and 5,000 local artists have participated....
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Skipping into Spring!

Yesterday cows at our farm in Hertfordshire were let out for the first time after being brought into the barns last October. During the winter they are kept protected from the elements, and though they have ample space and light, nothing compares to being able to roam free in...
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Cows and Sustainable Biofuels

Researchers at the University of Illinois have made a significant breakthrough by identifying dozens of microbial enzymes which have been previously unknown to mankind, in the cow’s primary grass-digestion chamber. The enzymes helped in breaking down a renewable biofuel energy source, switchgrass. The research overcomes a major obstacle to...
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