On pleasing the cows

In most dairies cows rarely get treats. Farmers believe giving them anything beyond a routine diet eats into profits and wastes vegetables that could be sold at market. So the team at Ahimsa are often regarded rather oddly when we attempt to please our cows with tasty titbits. It...
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From poser Ox to worker Ox

– by our ox trainer Syamasundara Das, who has 20 years’ experience persuading young oxen to go to work. There they are lying on the grass ruminating the days grazing, each with their place in relation to the others. The two oxen Dharma and Gautama were destined for work….....
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Hungarian cows have a Babel fish in their ears

The Ahimsa team has just been on a fact-finding trip to Hungary where we were investigating slaughter-free dairy farming at a Hare Krishna farm two hours from Budapest. Hungarian agriculture suffered very badly under Soviet Communism and peasant farmers were persecuted relentlessly. Land was confiscated and they were forced...
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