Remembering Champa – Posted in: Champa

April 2016

Sadly we have to tell you that Champa, the cow you sponsor passed away last weekend after a short illness. She was our oldest cow and will be sorely missed. Champa was a great character and grew to love being fed treats such as greens, carrots and biscuits. Originally she used to headbutt anyone who offered her anything, but eventually would swallow your whole hand as she eagerly tucked in. She was mother to Primrose, our feisty red cow.

Champa was a Montbeliarde – Holstein Cross. She was retired three years ago when she developed a foot problem. This was successfully treated and she had a happy retirement relaxing in the fields with her friends and her daughter. She wouldn’t take any nonsense from the younger members of the herd and they all treated her with respect.

So whilst it is very sad that she has now left us, we know that she enjoyed her twilight years. Had she been on any other farm she would have been killed many years ago. As it was she never had to face the indignity of the slaughter house.

So here’s to Champa. Our one-time Mrs Grumpy who became an old softy.