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Free at last! I can run! I can jump! Blue sky! Ah! There’s nothing like that moment where they finally open the big gate and let us out in the field again! Winter is SO boring. All we do is sit around and eat. All the mums complain about their hooves getting crusty and putting on weight all the dads talk about how cold the weather is. We don’t even get very many visitors, and when they do come, their paws are all wrapped up in bright coloured furs so we can’t lick the salt off like usual.

Anyway, better days start now. We can finally play tag without bumping into the walls, and we get to be out almost the whole day. Our friends, the rabbits are coming out now too, though as far as I know they’re pretty free to do whatever they want all the time – so unfair! Apart from so much playing, the best thing about this time of year is the yummy, sweet grass. It tastes best first thing in the morning, and in the afternoon when its been warmed a bit in the sun. Mmm. Then there’s the crunchy clover leaves at the edge of the field. Top that off with some carrots in the evening and we’re all set. Ah, the bounty of spring!

Mum sings her spring yodel when we first run out of the barn! She’s so embarrassing!