Our mission is to make slaughter-free milk a reality and establish sustainable dairy farms across Britain, which give people a real ethical choice.

Aims of Ahimsa Dairy Foundation:

  • To establish slaughter free dairies with the following Key Objectives:
    • No slaughter of cows/calves or bulls
    • Protected herd for life
      •   Pension scheme & hospice for non-productive cows and bulls
    • Open grazing policy
  • To educate and campaign for slaughter free milk and better care of cows
  • To establish an ‘Ahimsa’ marque / Label certifying slaughter free milk
  • To pilot, model and replicate sustainable Ahimsa dairies
  • To support the establishment of Ahimsa dairies and ox-working farms
  • To further sustainable farming and support biodiversity and the environment
  • To explore innovative ways of working with bulls