Why slaughter-free?

In her book, ‘Secret Lives of Cows’, organic farmer Rosamund Young says: “Today, many cows are kept in a system of ‘zero-grazing’, which means they never see a field, graze on grass or leave their area of confinement. The quality of the resultant milk is questionable; the quality of...
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Fuel prices souring

Rising fuel prices have prompted many drivers to look for ways to save on motoring costs, with motorists    looking for ways to reduce their travel  in order to cope with the high price of petrol. Unleaded petrol prices reached an average of £1.40 a litre.  Diesel fuel has increased...
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New Calves

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New Calves Meet Horatio and Primrose two new additions to the Ahimsa herd. They are happy little calves and are looking forward to playing in the fields once spring arrives. Eventually Primrose will become a milking cow. Horatio will start training as a working ox when he gets to...
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Bigger not always Better.

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The organic advocate group The Soil Association says Organic Farming adopts a practical model for producing climate friendly food. “This is because it is less dependent on oil-based fertilizers and pesticides and confers resilience in the face of climatic extremes. It also stores higher levels of carbon in the...
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A Life of Contentment.

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Here are some of our beautiful ladies peacefully grazing at our farm in Kent. Universally Cows are seen as an emblem or symbol of peace. The word “bucolic” which refers to a pastoral scene, comes from the Greek word “boukolos”, which translates to cowherd. Unlike most mammals, Cows do...
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Press release – Dec 2011

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Press Release 4th December 2011 The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation launches cow and calf sponsorship scheme The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation (ADF), which supplies entirely slaughter-free milk from its herd of organic cows in Kent, has now launched a sponsorship scheme for people to help support its cows and calves. The...
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