Small Choices, Big Changes.

Where does the word “Ahimsa” come from? Actually it comes from the ancient Sanskrit and means literally “non-violence.” Probably the worse violence one species can perpetuate onto another, would have to be “slaughter.” This is why, the most important place to begin, on the journey towards true Ahimsa milk, is...
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Emotional depths of a cow

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News that cows have best friends comes as no surprise to those of us who have worked with them (what to speak of their mood swings!) Check out this article in the guardian:  “Cows have best friends” Who would think that beneath that calm exterior there is a boiling...
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Cow Talk: Meet Adi!

Hi! My name is Adi, and I was born one sunny day last year. I don’t remember it, but my mum tells me it was quite a dramatic moment. She said that there was a visit from a big group of humans that day, and they all watched with...
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