Introducing Kenny

I am Kenny, son of Bluebell. I grew up with Jasmine and Poppy and miss them now they have joined the milking cows. My best friend now is Bala and we share winter quarters together. He tries to push me around a bit, but I give as good as...
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Introducing Draupadi

I am called Draupadi after a queen in ancient Indian mythology and I really am very regal. I was born in 2006. I have been auntie to most of the young oxen and some of the heifers and they all know how to behave properly under my watchful eye....
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Remembering Champa

April 2016 Sadly we have to tell you that Champa, the cow you sponsor passed away last weekend after a short illness. She was our oldest cow and will be sorely missed. Champa was a great character and grew to love being fed treats such as greens, carrots and...
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