July 2017 Newsletter – Posted in: News

The Ahimsa team has been as busy as ever since our last newsletter. Now we have the new land and a secure foundation on which to build for the future we have been steadily working through our to-do list.

First on the list has been getting the necessary approvals to supply pasteurised milk. We have done the paperwork and now have another meeting with the local authority arranged for early July. Once we get the green light customers will have a choice between pasteurised and raw milk – which we already have permission for.

We have also now started distributing raw milk nationally by mail. Postage is expensive, but many customers find if they order in bulk once a month and freeze the milk it works out cheaper.

At last we have also started to do London Farmers Markets. We go to Islington every second, fourth and fifth Sunday of the month and Queens Park on the first and third. It has been great getting to talk to people and have them taste our delicious milk. It is an early start though as we have to bottle the fresh milk in the early hours before we go.

The Gouda cheese we are working on is still drying out in the fridge. As soon as it is ready and we have approval we will start selling that. Hopefully that will not be too long now.

We also had a visit from BBC East Midlands. They came along to film the cows and ask us about the new land and what it means for us. The film was broadcast as part of the East Midlands Today programme on 2nd July … if you missed it you can listen via the player here

Also, find BBC article New home for ‘slaughter-free’ Ahimsa dairy farm on the bbc website.

Otherwise the cows are all very happy and content. The non-milking herd who have been down in Herefordshire for the winter will be coming home soon. There was a delay because they needed some injections but that is all done now. They also all sailed through their TB tests, which was a great relief. The next task is to sort out a barn for them for next winter.

We are also hoping to buy two new Brown Swiss cows and calves and will bring you more news of that shortly.

In the meantime our next open day is on Saturday 22nd July, 12 noon to 4pm, and it would be lovely to see our friends there. A vegetarian lunch will be provided.

The Ahimsa Farm
The Old Station (Next to The English Limestone Company)
Wing Road
Rutland, LE15 8SZ

All the best
Sanjay, Nicola, David and The Ahimsa Team

Cows in Herefore – they’ll be coming home soon!