Wheel cheese is worth the wait – Posted in: News

Many of our friends are waiting patiently to receive their first orders of cheese from us and others are asking when will we resume deliveries? So we thought we would give you an update and assure you it will be worth the wait.

In association with our move to new farmland we had to pause cheese-making. This was because we needed fresh local authority approvals for the new site. Also with our cows indoors for the winter, we didn’t have enough milk for our Halloumi maker to produce this popular Middle Eastern cheese.

Now we are settling in to our new home we are starting to make vegetarian cheese on site. We are working with an expert cheese-maker who comes all the way from Hartlepool and are aiming to produce something very special.

Our first cheese will be Gouda made from organic, raw milk. Not only will it be the most ethical cheese around coming from Ahimsa’s slaughter-free herd, but it will be unique to our cows and the microbial community on our farm. It will taste fantastic and the microbes in it will enhance your gut health.

So far we have handmade one batch in our mobile processing unit. This was an experimental day as we had to get to grips with the new cheese vat we have just bought from Germany and see what further equipment we might need. Despite a slight glitch with us not setting the heat dial high enough and the milk taking too long to heat up we eventually produced three wheels of cheese.

This now needs to dry out over the next six weeks in our special cave and to start with we need to give it a daily wash and brush-up. We will eventually have to get the cheese approved by the people from the environmental health department and then we will be set fair to start supplying our customers.

We will also be experimenting with other cheeses once we are happy with the Gouda and we will continue with the Halloumi once we have more milk.

So realistically we are looking at anything up to three months before we can satisfy people’s cheese orders, but we really believe it will be worth the wait.