Expert ox-driver from Hungary joins the Ahimsa herd – Posted in: Uncategorized

The Ahimsa Dairy is delighted to welcome our new farm manager Govindananda Das, a European expert in working with bulls

Govinda, aged 39, worked on a large ox-working farm in Hungary for 15 years where he trained countless long-horned Hungarian Grey and Tirolean bulls to do agricultural jobs.

He is also experienced in hand-milking, and will be using his skills on the Ahimsa cows as we move from using machinery to traditional methods.

Govinda will be based at our farm in Leicester and his first task will be to get our older boys, who have been enjoying a life of leisure, to go to work.

They will be yoked together in pairs, trained to respond to basic commands and begin to do agricultural jobs around the farm such as ploughing.

Govinda, who is married, with two young sons, says to do this work is in ‘his nature,’ although he notes his grandfather was an ambassador and the rest of his family are computer technicians from the city.


Govindananda Das

He said:


“I am very much looking forward to the challenge of working with the cows and bulls at the Ahimsa Dairy. This is a unique project for the UK and I was pleased to be asked to come and help it develop.

I have been assessing the oxen to look at their strengths, such as their legs and am keen to start introducing them to the idea of work. Some might be quite quick to train, but some of the others could be a bit resistant just like humans really.

I love this work. It is in my nature.”

Ahimsa Director, Sanjay Tanna said :

“We are absolutely delighted that Govinda has joined our revolutionary dairy and is already getting to know the herd. It is fantastic that we have got someone with his talent on board.