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  • The Ahimsa dairy is Britain’s first slaughter-free dairy where no cow or bull calf is ever killed
  • We have been working with Commonwork, a large organic farm in Kent for three years and they have bred all of our cattle
  • We are very grateful to have been associated with them during this time but we now want to move even closer to our revolutionary vision for dairy farming in Britain
  • Our unique system of dairy farming is not possible within the Commonwork framework as their objectives are different
  Present Practice
(within Commonwork framework)
Ahimsa Vision
(to be implemented in Leicester)
Cows in calf Previously every two years,
now annually
Every 3-4 years
Calves with
5 days with no further access Continual access until 6 months
Conception Bull for first pregnancy followed by
artificial insemination (AI) for
future pregnancies
Natural insemination by bull
Milking method By machine Mainly by hand
Horns Debudding of milking cows All animals keep horns
Treats None Carrots and other vegetables
By tractor By ox-power
Total herd size 100+ 36-40 (maximum)

 An Opportunity

  • We now have land in Leicester where we can establish a dairy farm run entirely to our own principles. A key aspect will be meaningful employment of bulls, this being the key to the sustainable success of the project, bulls cannot simply do nothing and be maintained by income generated from the sale of milk / milk products
  • We have secured an excellent project manager, one of the top in Europe, he is both a hand-milker and ox-driver. He has over 15 years of experience running and developing a successful smallholding in Hungary. We therefore wish to shortly relocate our entire operation to Leicester.
  • Our envisaged system and herd size is entirely manageable and sustainable both in the short term and for the future
  • We can establish a holistic mixed farming system growing a variety of crops and employing bulls (oxen) for farm-work and running a dairy alongside. We will continue to work within an organic system using no chemical inputs and managing the land optimally for wildlife and the environment
  • Every day we receive messages of support from people who are full of praise for what we are trying to achieve but we know we are not fully there yet
  • We now have this wonderful opportunity to realise all of our ambitions and would ask you to help us in making our vision a reality
Our Vision is for a sustainable organic dairy where no cow or bull calf is ever killed and all can live out their lives until their natural end.

We see our cattle as more than commodities and want to respect and engage with them as
sentient beings.

 Our Appeal – How You Can Help Support Us

  • Our goal is to raise £135,573 towards setting up and first year transition costs after which the farm will be self-sustaining (A full breakdown of costs can be found below)
  • We are looking to secure the initial £54,000 towards this goal within this month  – we would like to invite you to select one of the options below and join us on the achieving the next step:
    • 15 people to give £100 a month for 1 year = £18,000
    • 30 people to give £50 a month for 1 year = £18,000
    • 40 people to give £25 a month for 1 year = £12,000
    • 50 people to give £10 a month for 1 year = £6,000

      Total = £54,000

  • And over the summer, from Jude, Gopi and friends (our team of young Ahimsa fundraising champions) – £6,000

    Grand Total = £60,000


Please consider being a part of the future of a more compassionate approach to dairy farming, go to the home page and follow the link for the Appeal For New Revolutionary Dairy


Words of Support                                                  

‘if cows are treated according to the high ethical principles of cow protection, where no cows are slaughtered, their milk provides unlimited benefits for human health and I am delighted to support Ahimsa Milk …’

Chrissie Hynde – (The Pretenders)

‘ALL YOU WHO CARE ABOUT WELFARE of COWS must see this. It IS Possible to produce slaughter-free milk. Follow these guys!’

Brian May (Queen guitarist)

‘This wonderful initiative represents the pinnacle of animal welfare and a shift towards recognising the importance of being nonviolent to nature and to animals in the production of food’

Patrick Holden , Director of Sustainable Food Trust (Former Director of the Soil Association)

‘I am full of admiration for the Ahimsa project.’

Satish Kumar, Editor-in-Chief of Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine