Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) are leading another lobby against a new mega-dairy in Wales. In November 2011, despite advice from their own Planning Inspector to reject the proposal, Powys County Council Planning Committee approved an application for a 1,000 cow dairy at Lower Leighton Farm, Welshpool, Wales. A farm that would be massive – more than 8 times the size of the average UK dairy farm.

This was a serious setback in the battle against mega-dairies. But, following lobbying by Compassion, the Welsh Assembly Government Planning Inspectorate decided to take the final decision into its own hands. This means that we have a second chance to show our opposition to this mega-dairy.

In February 2011, Compassion in World Farming, working with other NGOs and local campaigners, won an important battle in the war against mega-dairies when the proposal for a 3,700 cow mega-dairy in Nocton, Lincolnshire, was withdrawn.

This latest mega-dairy proposal is another watershed moment in the future of the British dairy industry.

Please write to Dr Helfin Jones at the Welsh Planning Inspectorate to register your opposition to these plans as a matter of urgency. It is essential that they see how strong the opposition is to this proposal, and this style of farming, throughout the UK and not just amongst the local Powys population.

Follow the link to the CIWF website for full details of the letter to send: