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In her book, ‘Secret Lives of Cows’, organic farmer Rosamund Young says:

“Today, many cows are kept in a system of ‘zero-grazing’, which means they never see a field, graze on grass or leave their area of confinement. The quality of the resultant milk is questionable; the quality of the life of the cow is at best unnatural and at worst unbearable.”

What most people do not know is that the natural lifespan of a dairy cow is 17 -20yrs, the average lifespan of today’s dairy cow in the UK is only 5 years.

Following birth, calves are removed from their mothers within a few hours, and if they are lucky, within a few days before ending up on a plate.

Today’s high intensive dairies work on the following principle of economics: More milk = More profit

They control each factor associated with what’s necessary to increase efficiency.

Today, 13% of UK dairies are zero-grazing, which means cows receive no natural light; no natural grass; no natural feed, only high protein concentrates and are under constant pressure to produce more milk.

Cows have become victims of Industry. They are no longer seen as sentient beings, they have become nothing more than milking machines or production units. They are unable to speak out for themselves.

Don’t they deserve better for producing the miracle food we call milk?