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Rising fuel prices have prompted many drivers to look for ways to save on motoring costs, with motorists    looking for ways to reduce their travel  in order to cope with the high price of petrol.

Unleaded petrol prices reached an average of £1.40 a litre.  Diesel fuel has increased even more, with a  new high of £1.56 a litre.  Insurance research data indicates that many drivers have altered their motoring     habits in order to save some cash at the pump.

Nearly 75 per cent of motorists indicated they have scaled back the number of miles they put on their car, with 20 per cent indicating that if petrol costs rose to £2 per litre, they would give up the car altogether.

So, what of the future, is it the electric car, is it the hybrid or will the hydrogen car now make its entry? Each have their pros and cons, be they efficiency or expense. Although oxen may have a place on farms in the future, they are no match for those with s fast paced city life. However, cow dung may have some role to play in the future.

In the developing world, cow manure and biogas fuel technology provides a free, sustainable source of power all year round – and a useful fertiliser which helps to provide a better income for farmers.

See http://practicalaction.org/biogas_christmas

And if you are thinking about running cars on electricity produced by methane, consider the Straus Organic Creamery in California which to date runs several vehicles on energy produced from cow manure.

See http://www.strausfamilycreamery.com/?id=44