Small Choices, Big Changes. – Posted in: Cow Talk

Where does the word “Ahimsa” come from?

Actually it comes from the ancient Sanskrit and means literally “non-violence.” Probably the worse violence one species can perpetuate onto another, would have to be “slaughter.”

This is why, the most important place to begin, on the journey towards true Ahimsa milk, is to prevent the unnecessary slaughter of cows.

We have our herd, safe and cared for and the milk distribution has begun in two areas of England, London and Hertfordshire. As we speak we are hoping to facilitate other areas, and the response and enthusiasm for the project and the product has been astounding. Not just here in the UK, but around the world. So this is our beginning, “but what,” people are asking “can we do in the meantime, without access to slaughter-free milk?”

Well Organic dairy produce is always a good choice, for those who do not yet have access to Slaughter-free dairy produce. We should even consider boycotting all non-organic dairy produce.

Have you noticed the difference between the number of organic and non-organic cheeses available in the supermarkets? If we begin to choose organic cheese over non-organic, then we will start to see a change in the varieties of cheeses available. More farms will want to “go organic” and more cows will receive better treatment in the longrun.

We often feel powerless, but we can begin to make a difference with our spending power. If we point this out to our friends and families, literally spread the word, then even better. I must admit I assumed most people knew the differences between organic and non-organic dairy produce. In the last few months I’ve chatted about this subject to colleagues and friends. Actually a lot of people do not realise that their choices, in the weekly grocery shop can make a big difference to their families long-term health, and also to the lives of dairy cows. 

So next time we reach for that mature cheddar, let’s take a minute to read the label. If it doesn’t say “organic” somewhere, then it may simply be the wrong choice.