Ahimsa Slaughter-free Milk now on sale – Posted in: Uncategorized

Organic milk from cows that will never see the inside of a slaughter-house when their milking days are over, was delivered for the first time last week. This brings about a revolution in milk production.

No cow, calf or bull will ever be slaughtered to bring this quality product to the breakfast table. Instead they will be protected for life, ensuring families can be confident no animal will suffer to bring them milk.

The breakthrough has been made possible by the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation (ADF) working in partnership with the Organic Milk Supplier’s co-operative (OMS co) and one of their supplier farms in Kent, Commonwork, which seeks local and global sustainability.

At present the milk, which costs £2.25 a litre and 15p for doorstep delivery, is being distributed in North West London and parts of Hertfordshire. National distribution is being explored and subject to demand it might be possible to do drop offs in other areas. Other products such as butter and cfream will also be added in the future.

Patrick Holden, former director of the Soil Association said, “I am delighted that Ahimsa Slaughter-free milk is now on the market and very much welcome the initiative. As a dairy farmer myself I am inspired by this example. It is setting a benchmark for farmers around the world and proves they can farm without exploiting their cows.”

(Meet Iris one of our Ahimsa cows.)