The launch of Ahimsa slaughter-free milk – Posted in: News

The Ahimsa milk revolution began on Friday 6th May at Bhaktivedanta Manor, the most auspicious day for new beginnings (Aksaya Tritiya) in the Indian calendar.

Leading figures from the organic dairy farming world met at the Manor to visit New Gokul Farm and sign papers of agreement for the production of Ahimsa  slaughter -free milk.

After an ox-cart ride to the new barns, the gathering participated in a ceremony to launch the groundbreaking initiative before feeding carrots to the cows.  They then shared a specially prepared lunch made with milk from the Ahimsa herd.

The herd is located in Kent and numbers a dozen cows at present that will produce 50,000litres of milk a year for distribution in the London area.

Ahimsa milk is produced to the highest welfare standard which means cows are never slaughtered when they have reached the end of their productive life. Instead, they will be retired and given sanctuary. Bulls, which in many modern dairies today are routinely killed just after birth for veal or even just destroyed, will also be allowed to live and we are exploring innovative ways of engaging them in fruitful work.

A new dedicated not-for-profit organisation, the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation has been specially established by The Lotus Trust to spearhead the project. It will work with Commonwork Organic Dairy who supply OMSCo, the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative. They buy milk from 450 organic farms across Britain and supply major companies such as Yeo Valley.

Ahimsa Milk will be on the market from July this year. It will be delivered to the door for people who live in North West London and parts of Hertfordshire. For those elsewhere in London it can also be delivered if the order is large enough.

There are limited supplies at the moment so new customers need to register early.

The milk will cost £2:25 a litre with an additional 15p for doorstep delivery; it will be available by subscription only.

Email [email protected] or call Sita Rama das on 07723354527