New Yoga Farm Invites Interns for Summer 2011 – Posted in: General, News

Have you ever fancied a try  at living the rural life? Looking for a great place to visit this summer?

The Gita Nagari Yoga Farm is set in beautiful Pennsylvanian countryside, three hours drive from Philadelphia.  Though the farm has existed for over 25 years, it has just received new certification – now over 160 acres are officially organic. The Juniata river runs through the property, nourishing the crops and the 20 cows and 40 wild peacocks! Check out the Yoga Farm galleries for more photos of their farming and cow protection projects.

Members of the farm community live on the 350 acre property, practicing sustainable and profitable living based on core values of care and compassion. This means that along with caring for the animals and land, they  aim to ‘balance lifestyle and agriculture through organic farming integrated with renewable energy sources.’

Given this backdrop, the friendly team are offering internships for one month, up to one year, beginning this summer. They offer qualifying candidates the opportunity to:
  • learn the fundamental principles of organic farming through theoretical input and conversations, accompanied by hands on farming.
  • learn the fundamental principles of caring for and protecting cows and oxen – their value, how to engage their gifts of milk, manure and urine, and training oxen.
  • learn core leadership competencies including planning, organizing, leading, managing self, others and tasks/services, business planning and strategic planning through real projects as case studies.
  • become Project Team members on agriculture and any project of interest for you here on the Farm – we have many projects in progress, constantly. This is underpinned by the principle that farming is not an isolated activity but rather the heart beat of the community.
  • learn diverse vegetarian cooking, yoga, meditation, and broaden your knowledge on applied wholesome lifestyle.

Please apply on-line at – submit your biographical details, a brief background, your goals regarding sustainable farming, your needs and expectations to [email protected]