Cow Talk: Meet Adi! – Posted in: Cow Talk

Hi! My name is Adi, and I was born one sunny day last year. I don’t remember it, but my mum tells me it was quite a dramatic moment. She said that there was a visit from a big group of humans that day, and they all watched with their mouths hanging open as I fell out, feet first, in a big rush of blood.
This is me and my cousin plotting…

Sounds pretty disgusting. Although I guess we do regularly stand around in our own poo so I can’t really talk. I suppose life started in the way that it does for everyone. Spending time between the barn and the pasture. Running around the adults when they’re trying to chat about the neighbours. Eating. Sleeping. Looking at the visitors that come to the farm with their strange smells,and coats, and things they poke through our fences. More eating. More sleeping. Pulling pranks on the farmers.

One of the best things we used to do was ring the farm bell when their backs were turned. They could never figure out how we did it, and they never caught us! Just between you and me, my cousin would stand on one side of the hay bale, and put her head in the firing line of the bell. When she gave me the signal, I’d butt her with my head as hard as I could and she’d fly up in the air and knock the bell with her ear. We must’ve rehearsed it hundreds of times before she ever hit on target, but once we’d got it, the look on the farmers’ faces was priceless! Ah. Happy days.