Skipping into Spring! – Posted in: General

Yesterday cows at our farm in Hertfordshire were let out for the first time after being brought into the barns last October. During the winter they are kept protected from the elements, and though they have ample space and light, nothing compares to being able to roam free in the fields. It’s a fun moment as they hurtle out of the barn gates and gallop around the fields.

In the Swiss alps this time of year is celebrated in an annual cow parade. Residents of villages like Lauterbrunnen (see the video below) take a break from their morning muesli when they hear the sound of hundreds of bells approaching. In a colourful procession, the cows march through the main street, decorated with flower garlands, headdresses and large bells. The parade moves steadily up to the high mountains, where the sweeter grasses of spring and summer grow.