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Dear Friends,

We have got one day left to push the local council to stop plans for the UK’s first cow factory farm. Pressure is building – but we need to send more personal e-mails to the council telling them to reject the planning application.

If thousands of us e-mail the local council, it will make it even harder for them to give the mega-dairy the green light. The deadline for sending messages is this Tuesday.

It’s easy to send a message using the 38Degrees website, it won’t take more than a few minutes and there are suggestions for what you could say.

Please click here to send a quick message to the council and help stop the UK’s first cow factory farm:

We have a massive petition to hand to the council in four days time. Despite the Christmas break, we have passed 50,000 signatures! Now we need to back that petition up with personal messages to the council. Thousands of personal e-mails will prove just how strongly we feel. It will make sure that they are under pressure from all angles.

If the council gives the factory farm planning permission, the mega-dairy will be 30 times bigger than anything elsewhere in the UK. It could open the way for more mega-dairies popping up around the country. Now’s our chance to stop that happening. [1]

Our pressure is working. When our campaign forced one of the companies to pull out, thousands of us chipped in to expose the companies still backing the factory farm with adverts in the local paper. We’ve forced the companies behind the factory farm to scale back their plans. When they tried to sneak the application through over Christmas we moved fast to raise the alarm, and have a petition with over 50,000 signatures. If we work together, we can win and stop this factory farm altogether!

Now let’s send thousands of personal e-mails to the council telling them to stop this factory farm – the deadline is this Tuesday:

Thanks for being involved,

Hannah, David, Johnny and the 38 Degrees team


Below are some more links explaining in more detail what impact the mega-dairy could have if the council approves the factory farm plans: