Henry the Calf is a Hit on YouTube – Posted in: News

 A prematurely new born calf named Henry has taken YouTube by storm, as his owners, Ben and Catherine Bowerman, decided to hand-rear him and post his progress on the internet. The curious little black calf is an Aberdeen Angus-Belgium Blue cross and has become more like a pet than a possesson to the farmer and his family, playing with the children and being welcomed inside the family home.

 These unconventional farmers decided to take care of Henry when he refused to suckle from his mother after being born prematurely on their farm in Dorset.

 Mr Bowerman said: “There will be lots of farmers who will say it is a waste of money keeping him alive. I mean, economically it is stupid, but I don’t think about the money. If you are going to be a farmer, you should have some kind of compassion.” Amen.

 The joy that this story has spread throughout the country is proof that things which are “economically stupid” are more often than not spiritually, ethically and logically wise.

 Our instincts tell us to care for ourselves, for each other, the Earth and for animals. Modern society allows us to ignore that most of the food we consume is not produced in the way in which we would be comfortable with if we saw it with our own two eyes. I’m sure many people have been delighted by frolicking Henry with his adorably long eylashes… and then not thought twice about the beef they then eat for dinner. But, cynicism aside, this is a truly positive story which shows the natural compassion we all have within us; to love animals and see them as indivuduals, not simply as a mass of living property.

 Follow Henry’s progress on YouTube as he learns to suckle, run and play. His big brown eyes tell more about the need to respect and care for cattle more than any facts and figures ever could.