Current dairy production: what's wrong?

Inevitable Slaughter
In the current dairy industry non-“useful” animals – sick or aging dairy cows and most new-born male calves – are slaughtered. Cows are usually killed whilst still young, often at only a quarter of their natural lifespan, because they’re no longer as productive as they used to be. Calves are taken from their mothers soon after birth and fed artificial milk. Due to the ill-health of their mothers, calves are usually too scrawny to be profitable and are therefore killed. But the fate of calves that do live is no better – boys will become veal or beef, girls dairy machines.

Seeing as all animals involved in the dairy business are slaughtered at some point, it is questionable whether dairy can be considered as strictly vegetarian.

Cows “milked to death”
Dairy cows are artificially inseminated and forced to churn out calves every year, meaning they are practically always pregnant. In some countries such as the USA, they are also pumped with hormones to produce an artificially high yield of milk.

Zero Grazing
Supermarket pressure on farmers is forcing small scale farms out of business in favour of mass industrialised farms with herds in the tens of thousands. In order to keep costs to a minimum, cows are kept indoors at all times never tasting a blade of fresh grass and fed on imported high-protein concentrates.

So what’s the answer?

It’s a slaughter-free dairy farming model. Become a member here