• Ahimsa Milk is the only commercially produced milk that guarantees no cow, calf or bull is ever slaughtered as part of its production.
  • Ahimsa milk costs a little more than conventional milk, but is a small price to pay to ensure no cow, calf or bull suffers to bring milk to your breakfast table.
  • Ahimsa milk aspires to the highest possible standards of cow welfare and our cows join the non-milking herd when their productive days are over.
  • We are exploring innovative ways of working with bulls to ensure their economic viability.
  • It is possible to taste the difference between our milk and that which is conventionally produced.
  • Rather than farms becoming like factories, such as that envisaged by Mega-dairies, with thousands of cows housed in a shed and milked to death, slaughter-free milk is a sustainable way for farmers to produce milk.
  • Ahimsa milk is the milk of the future


  1. Carolyn Billingsley says:

    I have just listen to On Your Farm and was excited and delighted to hear about your dairy. I think that the cruelty associated with milk production is possibly the best kept secret in the farming industry. Recently at a dinner party I explained to a well educated guest the audit trail of a pint of conventionally produced milk – she was absolutely horrified and at over 50 year was amazed that she had never before heard anything about the cruelty involved. When I see adverts for dairy products which consist of young calves bounding joyfully in buttercup filled fields around their mums contentedly munching grass I am amazed that the horrors of intensively farmed cows are kept hidden from the public in such a duplicitous way. Milk is a ubiquitous product and every morning humans splash copious quantities of it on our cereal, in our tea and coffee without a jot of awareness about how it came to be produced. I am intrigued as to how the intensive dairy industry has managed so successfully to keep the darker side of milk production so well hidden. But I did notice how careful the presenter was in the programme not to elucidate too graphically on the darker side of dairy farming – and used gentle words like dispatched rather than slaughtered. I wondered does this have something to do with not upsetting the powerful dairy farming industry? or is it more about a fear that if people where enlightened about intensive dairy farming practices no one would ever want to buy milk again?!

    I think your dairy is absolutely fantastic and if it were possible to explain to people honestly what is involved in producing their daily pint I am sure the majority of people would chose your milk finances permitting of course.

    I currently purchase my dairy products from a farm similar – but not quite as ethical as yours as it’s not completely slaughter free but the calves do remain with their mums until they are about a year and the dairy cows are looked after with love and respect.

    I have a family that consumes a large amount of milk and for me this is an acceptable compromise between ethics and financial constraints. But I will definitely be purchasing dairy products in the future from you and I will spread the word about your cruelty free dairy far and wide. Sadly many people will chose to remain blissfully ignorant of the process behind the production of our food.

    I think what you are doing is absolutely brilliant and wish you luck.

  2. Tara Clark says:

    Thanks for doing what you do

  3. Caroline Wright says:

    I’ve recently become aware of how awful the standard dairy industry really is and I can’t wait to try ahimsa milk ASAP! X

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