July Newsletter

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, our non-milking ahimsa herd of eight who have been residing in Wales have now moved to a closer location in Leicestershire. Though beautiful and secluded, our sanctuary in Wales proved to be a little distant and limited in size. When an opportunity arose to re-situate our herd closer by, and on a 52 acre site, we did not hesitate to take it up, particularly as the family will naturally grow in size.

Draupadi and seven accompanying calves are now happily situated in their new home where they have occasional access to a stream and some lakes. In fact, they have become a little mischievous, a few days ago they went exploring in a neighbour’s field, after several hours of searching we eventually found them having a snooze under some trees, far away from where they should have been!

You can see photos of them and follow their story on our facebook site:


By the way, thanks to all who supported Gopi in his sponsored swim, he raised £840.

The Ahimsa Team

Other News

Working with Oxen calls to humanities’ ancient roots …

As a by-product of the conventional dairy industry more than 100,000 male calves are killed in Britain every year soon after birth …

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India Rejects Monsanto Plant Patent

Monsanto’s Climate resilient plant patent rejected by India’s Patent Office, Rejection upheld by the Intellectual Property Appellate Board …

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Seymour moves to Spitafields City Farm

After 7 bovine-less years, Spitalfields Farm is pleased to welcome cows back to Shoreditch by fostering Seymour, a 7 month old, dairy steer calf …

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May 2013 Newsletter

10yr old Swims for Ahimsa

Dear Friends,

Although the this year’s Cow Challenge 2013 has been pushed by to September, this hasn’t distracted Gopi from doing his challenge. Gopi is 10 years old and is looking to swim 2.5 km on Friday 31st May at Westminster Lodge in St Albans, Herts.

Gopi is halfway to his target of £1,000 for helping raise awareness for Ahimsa calves. Now is a good time to help him achieve his goal.

A group of 10 enthusiastic sportsmen and women are planning to cycle 55 km from London to Oxford on the 7th July for the Ahimsa cause. If you are made of stern stuff, come and join them, contact us at [email protected]

Please watch Gopi’s video on youtube

Best wishes

Sanjay Tanna & the Ahimsa Team

Other News

The US-EU trade deal could take Monsanto’s GM crops off the table

Protestors against genetically modified crops have had more success against Monsanto and BASF outside the US than in it …

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Vandna Shiva on Monsanto

Indian scientist and environmentalist Vandana Shiva addresses the recent U.S. Supreme Court case pitting an Indiana farmer against Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company…..

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A cow can power a home!

Although cow dung has been used for thousands of years to create fertile soils, it also has another use as a fuel. In many countries from China to Kenya, Guatemala to India, cow dung is often dried and burnt as fuel for cooking ….

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Registered charity number 1114304The Lotus Trust’s

8 London Bridges Cow Challenge

Walk – Run – Cycle

Sunday 22nd September

Registration 10am – 12pm

Potter’s Field Park (next to City Hall), The Queen’s Walk, SE1 2AA (5 mins from London Bridge tube station)

Join us for a mOOving experience across London.

Whether you decide to walk, skip, strut or dance, come join the fun – cross 8 London Bridges to raise money for UK’s first slaughter-free milk campaign.

Why we need your help?

The Lotus Trust’s Ahimsa Slaughter-Free Milk Campaign is raising awareness, educating and lobbying for the highest welfare of cows. The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation produces slaughter-free milk and now requires equipment to continue providing high quality, high welfare milk. Together, they are conducting research to improve the quality of life of cows and calves in aiding the production of healthier milk for human consumption.

This pioneering campaign ensures that cows are not slaughtered after their natural milk production ceases, and that young calves are free to roam in an open environment without the fear of becoming a meal on someone’s plate.

Our target is to raise £15,000, please join us on the day or contribute towards our important work.

How to get started:

Print off the sponsorship form from our website here – ask family and friends to sponsor you

If you can’t take part then sponsor one of our cow champion athlete:

Last year, Gopi Tanna raised £630 for the campaign by cycling and walking 12km

This year Gopi (10yrs old) has set himself the target of swimming 2,500 metres –with no prompting (ie. 2.5km – but not across the Thames!), he is looking to raise £1,000 for cows.

Gopi is an avid reader (fan of the ‘Lord of the Rings’); an awesome drummer (plays the Indian ‘mrdanga’); and a superb swimmer (like a fish in water).

Gopi is on the bike

Sponsor Gopi here

Please see the attached poster and forward this email to your friends and family to join you on this high profile charity walk.

Further details can be found on our webpage http://www.thelotustrust.org/8_london_bridges_cow_challenge.php

For more information contact Mitali on 07916 176957 or email [email protected]

Be part of the milk revolution!

Join Us On The Journey – Support Ahimsa Dairy Foundation
By working together we can make slaughter-free milk a reality across the UK. Become A Friend Sponsor A Cow



Season’s Greetings and a very Happy New Year from your friends at Ahimsa Dairy Foundation!

Ahimsa Soft Cheese: November also saw the launch of our first soft cheese. A delightful soft cheese with a hint of Himalayan salt has received many positive responses. Working in partnership with the award winning Traditional Cheese Dairy in East Sussex which produces non-GMO vegetarian raw cheeses, we have started to make available our first Ahimsa cheese.

Beginning with a batch a month, we aim to provide ahimsa products to those customers all over the UK (via mail) who are out of our delivery area for milk. See online shop for ordering


Tilly is expecting …

Watch out over the next week or so, we have a new calf being born. Tilly, our five-year old black and white cow, is about to deliver.

Summer fundraisers

Fridge Van

The Ahimsa Team wish to thank all those who made efforts to help raise funds for a vehicle earlier in the year; in November finally purchased a fridge vehicle to enable us to transport milk between Kent and various drop points around London, and to our doorstep customers. We are in the process of putting our logo on the side of the van.

December 2012 – Other Selected News

Compassion in World Farming

Youtube video of investigation into the farming of dairy cows in Europe by the Compassion in World Farming charity …

View here …

Patrick Holden on health, food and well-being

Patrick Holden looks at the meaning of ‘well-being’ through the prism of food and health. He asks us to envisage the current food system as a vast living organism that in order to be sustainable, must have healthy cells …

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The health Foods doctors say don’t work

Dr Aseem Malhotra, lead cardiologist of the National Obesity Forum, says: I don’t go near Benecol or any other margarine-type products that claim to lower cholesterol and I advise my patients to stay clear of them, too …

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Where cows are happy and food is healthy

FOOD can be depressing. If it’s tasty, it’s carcinogenic. If it’s cheap, animals were tortured. But this, miraculously, is a happy column about food! It’s about a farmer who names all his 230 milk cows …

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Ancient myths link us to past ages where cattle were venerated

Ancient peoples linked cattle, fertility and abundance. This was reflected in their spiritual practices, and in many parts of the world people worshipped a Cow Goddess or a goddess who protected cows …

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Slaughter-free milk at InSpiral Lounge

Inspiral is a raw food vegan cafe in Camden Town, London. It aspires to an exemplary ethical stance on truly healthy food and is built on a belief that each and every one of us can contribute in a meaningful way to a better future through the choices we make about the food we eat … (continued below)

(Slaughter-free milk at InSpiral Lounge, continued from above)

InSpiral: ‘We recently had a milk free period at inSpiral Lounge but it was immediately clear that many of our valued customers were unhappy about the lack of ‘ordinary’ milk which prompted us to look into alternatives to traditional dairy milk so that we can provide a service that our customers demand, whilst remaining true to our aspirations to be an ethical company’

InSpiral can be found just beside the canal bridge at Camden Lock – 250 High Street, Camden, London NW1 8QS.

Join Us On The Journey – Support Ahimsa Dairy Foundation
By working together we can make slaughter-free milk a reality across the UK. Become A Friend Sponsor A Cow

Ahimsa slaughter-free milk celebrates its first birthday

The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation, which sells entirely slaughter-free milk, is celebrating its first birthday this week and to mark the event has released a video of its sanctuary in Wales.

View video here


The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation’s story has only just begun, but it is already a remarkable one, which will go from strength to strength with your support.

Please help us by becoming an Ahimsa Friend – to raise awareness, to educate and campaign for slaughter-free milk and better care of cows.

By working together we can make slaughter-free milk a reality across the UK.

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Ahimsa Milk: A Story of a Remarkable Dairy

All great journeys begin not just with the first step, but with a great vision too. This is the story so far of our journey to realise the vision of Ahimsa slaughter-free milk.

The Beginning: 2007

    • Nicola Pazdzierska of the Equality and Human Rights Commission was working for the Lotus Trust, a social welfare charity based at Bhaktivedanta Manor. This is a rural Hare Krishna community where cow protection is practiced at its highest, most ethical standards.


    • She was inspired to extend this exemplary cow welfare programme to the wider community.


  • Together with Lotus Trust Director Sanjay Tanna, they realised that the real story of how milk is produced commercially wasn’t being told. This germinated into the idea of creating a milk revolution, setting out to provide a totally ethical product – slaughter-free milk – to the general public.

The First Step

    • The campaign began under The Lotus Trust as the “Happy Healthy Cows” campaign, promoting the need for cruelty-free milk.


    • For two years, the team worked hard to attend many public events and the campaign began to strike a chord with the public.


    • During these early years, we encouraged people to take the first step to true compassion and go organic, even petitioning major supermarkets to stock only organic milk.


  • Moral support came from author and environmental campaigner Ranchor Prime. He encouraged us to go beyond cruelty-free and work instead for entirely slaughter-free milk.

The Struggle: 2009-11

    • A key contact – Patrick Holden, the then Director of the Soil Association, who spread the word among the farming community.


    • While this was a promising start, the mission to work with a suitable farm foundered after many frustrating months of discussions and investment of time and effort with various potential partners, who either had just a profit motive, or were unable to provide the exact match we required to meet our highest standards.


    • Amidst these trying times, a new not-for-profit company called the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation (ADF), was set up in the summer of 2010 to run the initiative. The mission began to take shape once more.


  • Finally, after all the challenges and setbacks we faced, the Foundation was formally launched in partnership with an organic Kent farm called Commonwork, and OMSCo (Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative), on May 6th 2011. The first milk production started in August of that year.

The Struggle Continues

    • We cannot compete against the cheaper supermarket prices and have to constantly educate customers as to why our milk is more expensive than that on supermarket shelves. Unlike conventional milk, no cow or bull is ever killed in the name of Ahimsa milk, and after a lifetime of service our cows retire to sanctuaries


    • After constant hiccups with a milk delivery service we decided to do our own deliveries and are now about to buy our own van.


  • We are now able to get the milk to our customers within 24 hours of the processing and bottling functions – a major achievement for Ahimsa milk.

Adding Value

  • We currently produce clarified butter – ghee – and are planning to add to the Ahimsa product range shortly with cheese, yoghurts and even milk soap.

Where We Are Today

  • At the end of our first year we now have quality organic and slaughter-free milk being delivered around London and parts of Hertfordshire. But there is still so much more to do to fully realise our vision.

Full version of the above article here


The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation’s story has only just begun, but it is already a remarkable one, which will go from strength to strength with your support.

Please help us by becoming an Ahimsa Friend – to raise awareness, to educate and campaign for slaughter-free milk and better care of cows.

By working together we can make slaughter-free milk a reality across the UK.

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you to all who supported the Eight London Bridges Cow Challenge. It was a lovely sunny day with about 100 participants. Our fastest runners made it in 48mins, but the real successes were Jude (7yrs old) who suddenly turned up on the morning and cycled the full distance; Gopi (9yrs) who ended up walking and running 12km and Neera who raised £2,500. Through The Lotus Trust, the total raised to date is £8,500; we hope to reach £10,000 to purchase a fridge van for the project.Ahimsa Open Day – 19th May
conference and study centre
A number of supporters have been asking to go and see our milking cows at Commonwork Organic Farm in Kent. As part of Vegetarian Week, we have arranged an Ahimsa Open Day on Saturday 19th May, 11.30am to 3pm. Mike Cottrell, Farm Director will take us on a tour of the Commonwork project, the dairy and introduce us to the ahimsa herd. We will also have a presentation on the project and an opportunity to taste some of the latest products on offer. Pencil this date in your diary.For details of how to get there, click on the following link:
(Note: Commonwork is also known as Bore Place):
http://www.commonwork.org/map.htmCheese coming soon

After some trials, we have finally established a partnership with two separate parties to produce various handmade dairy products. Rachna Jhala, who works closely with Commonwork, will take on making yoghurts, cottage cheese and a specialist paneer, and we have partnered with a traditional Kent based vegetarian cheesemaker to make vacuum packed paneer and haloumi. We hope to be able to mail this to all those people who have been waiting around the country. As of today, we begin to set the ball in motion, soon you will see and receive updates on each product as it becomes available, either on the website or via facebook and twitter.

Dear walkers, runners and cyclists,CONGRATULATIONS on completing the 6km across London’s 8 Bridges.A huge THANK YOU to you all!Sunday turned out to be a perfect sunny day and a great success. It was a pleasure to be amongst such sporting participants.We had just over one hundred people and they were all determined and dedicated to the welfare of cows – quality, not necessarily quantity.There were a number of queries along the route and those of you in cow suits will no doubt have had attracted bystanders, and even had a few photos taken, as I did. There is nothing quite like a herd of cows loose in the middle of the city.Though we did not have much press coverage yesterday, we will be putting a youtube video together and which will really get the message out into various forums. We will let you know once it is up on www.ahimsamilk.orgAs yet, we don’t have a final figure on funds raised, but present donations which have come in over JustGiving and on Sunday come to approximately £8,500. Our target is for £10,000. Please remind your friends that, if they haven’t already, they can still donate either to your page or directly to you. Remember that around 20% of donations come in after the event….so if you haven’t met your target, there is time yet.

Please bring in all your outstanding donations by no later than Saturday 28th April, and thank all those who helped or supported you. Forward cheques to: Sita Rama das, The Lotus Trust, Hilfield Lane, Aldenham, Herts WD25 8AZ.

A special thanks to Neera Shah for her outstanding efforts. She has raised £1,500 and has got match-funding from her workplace of £1000.

Also, special thanks to Gopi Tanna (9yrs) and his friend Raam (8yrs) who together have raised £850+ and hope to get to £1,000 by the end of the month. A last minute participant Jude (7yrs) also rode his bicycle across the eight bridges – well done.

I will send you an update of the final outcome at the end of the month.

On behalf of the Ahimsa Team, our best wishes,

Sita Rama das

The 8 London Bridges Cow Challenge is only 2 weeks away.We’d like to announce our youngest cyclist GopiPlease Sponsor Gopi

Gopi’s video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9tXTqt1r9M
Gopi’s sponsorship page: http://www.justgiving.com/Gopi1Please share Gopi’s video with all your Facebook friends or email to your address book. Thank you!Gopi is our mascot for the 2012 bike ride!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1M6AhjaUH4So please come and join us ….8 London Bridges Cow Challenge
Walk – Run – Cycle
Sunday 15 April
Registration at 10am – 12pm
Tanner Street Park, SE1 3LE
(5 mins from London Bridge tube station)See you there!More information at http://www.thelotustrust.org/8_london_bridges_cow_challenge.php

March 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Supporters,We have recently had two new additions to our Ahimsa herd, Horatio and Primrose. They are happy little calves and are looking forward to playing in the fields once spring arrives. Eventually Primrose will become a milking cow. Horatio will start training as a working ox when he gets to around three.

Horatio with mother Iris Primrose

March has also brought us our first opportunity to test other milk products such as paneer, cottage cheese, and cream cheese. Yoghurt is something else to be trialled soon. With help of a Lebanese organic cheese-maker, we hope to have these products on offer shortly.

One of our primary challenges to introducing new products is all directly linked to transport and delivery. Little did we know the huge costs and margins needed for transport companies to get food to our door – on time. The impact is much greater when you do not have volume and your customers are scattered across the country or around London. We have therefore committed ourselves to a small van which allows us to save costs on hire and enables us to control our deliveries.

With the help of The Lotus Trust and Nu Radio, we are looking to raise £10,000 towards a vehicle for Ahimsa Dairy Foundation.

So, please join us for the 8 London Bridges Cow Challenge: Walk – Run – Cycle on Sunday 15th April.

And if you can’t come, than please sponsor Neera or Kofi.

Click here to register http://www.thelotustrust.org/8_london_bridges_cow_challenge.php

Donate to via our Just Giving page here Please sponsor Neerawho is targeting £1000, whatever she raises will be matched by her work’s charity scheme (Deutsche Bank AG)Sponsor Kofi who will cycle in a cow suit

If you are outside London and wish to run or cycle on behalf of The Lotus Trust in your local area, please email [email protected], you can even set up your own fundraising page

Feb 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Supporters,Wales Sanctuary
A number of you have been asking about our retired animals and where they are presently. A big and gentle herdsman by the name of Grahame Barritt rents a smallholding of 11 acres in a beautiful part of West Wales called Mydroilyn, just a little way from Lampeter. Grahame has four of his own cows and is looking after one cow and five calves of our Ahimsa herd. The initial three calves Gautam, Dharma and Padma went there in October and they were joined by one cow Draupadi and two males calves Nimai and Nitai in late December. They have all settled in well.Whilst the weather was mild, the animals could go in and out of their sheltered barn, now that it is colder, they remain inside, though they do have a courtyard to wander onto. In a report last week, Grahame explained that of the two younger calves, Nitai occasionally suckles Draupadi (who has a very loving and kind nature) for comfort. ‘Quite often, the bigger calves seem to look after the smaller ones; if a small calf is lying by itself, a big one will come and lay beside it, to give it company.’It is a very close-knit social group and the animals create a nice small family. Grahame often plays some music whilst the cows are kept indoors over the winter period.Traditional Ghee Production
Another important part of the Ahimsa approach is the traditional production of ghee – a cultured butter which has been clarified, removing all solids to yield pure golden milk fat. Not all ghee is equal in its nutritional and healing value. Only ghee made from organic milk, from pasture fed herds, is regarded as an outstanding elixir of health in the Ayurvedic health tradition. Ahimsa Ghee is made from cows grazing on pristine clover rich pastures almost all year round to produce rich creamy milk that results in pure healthy ghee.Although modern medicine does not hold the virtues of ghee in high esteem – primarily due to the effects of processed ghee, traditional methods keep intact its pure and wholesome aspects. Ghee is sattvic food (it has a positive settling influence on the mind and body) which promotes good health, vitality and longevity.In the upcoming months, we aim to have our artisan ghee-maker Rachna Jhalla extol the virtues of ghee and what makes it beneficial and also share with us how she makes our ghee in her home kitchen.Eight London Bridges Cow Challenge
Being the Olympic year, our partner charity the Lotus Trust has decided to hold a walk, run or cycle event across the eight bridges criss-crossing the Thames for the Slaughter-free Milk campaign. They ran a successful rickshaw cycle ride two years ago, put aside a moment and take a look at this …Come and join them on Sunday 15th Aprilclick here for full detailsIf you can’t take part then you might sponsor one of our cow champion athletes …

Kofi Burke from Central London is a keen cyclist and though an accountant in the media world, is not shy to dress up as a cow for an important cause. He led a herd of 25 cows through the streets of London on rickshaws and cycles two years ago (see youtube video above).Kofi will be riding the 8 London Bridges in his cow suit. Sponsor Kofi here Sheila Chauhan from Hemel Hempstead is an Environmentalist by trade and passion and she creates campaigns and writes about the importance of recycling and sustainability in the media. When she is not regurgitating her words of eco-wisdom she is a keen mrdanga (Indian drum) player.Sheila will be running the 8 London Bridges in a cow suit. Sponsor Sheila here

Dec 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends and Supporters,We have had a very busy four months since we launched deliveries of Ahimsa milk in July and the word is spreading. We have been actively setting up drops around London and dealing with the challenges which come with starting any new initiative.

The project has caught the attention of BBC and we had a piece on prime-time TV in September.

An endorsement from the former Director of the Soil Association, Patrick Holden has also acknowledged our organic and sustainable credentials.

Singer and passionate advocate for animal welfare Chrisse Hynde said of the project:

“Most animal rights minded vegans share the opinion that cows’ milk is only for the consumption of calves and of course, when buying milk from the meat/dairy industry, no milk is cruelty free. However, if cows are treated according to the high ethical principles of cow protection, as in the Vedic tradition of ancient Indian culture, where no cows are slaughtered, their milk provides unlimited benefits for human health and I am delighted to support Ahimsa Milk and welcome this latest initiative.”


We have also been receiving messages of support from all around the world praising the project. Letters from far afield as America, Canada and Australia have been asking when Ahimsa organic milk will be coming to their part of the world and reminding us of the real story of ill-treatment of cows enslaved on factory farms.

Every year, millions of cows and calves are slaughtered worldwide as a result of the modern dairy industry. However, we now have an opportunity to bring about a revolution in milk production by supporting farms and projects which offer a real alternative.

We understand that not many of you are in an area where Ahimsa milk is delivered but would very much like to show your support. Well, now you can, we have just launched our Sponsor a Cow programme.


A message from out Cows

Please Sponsor Our Cows

Our cows’ retirement fund is built into the price of Ahimsa Slaughter-free Milk, but we are a not-for-profit company and would like to put a little more aside for those rainy days. For example vets bills, or a rise in the price of hay – which has seen bad harvest for the last few years. We also guarantee that no male calves will ever be slaughtered on our watch, and we need funds to explore innovative and productive ways of working with bulls. Transportation for our young calves and retired cows to our Welsh sanctuary is also expensive.












Tilly (Tilak)

Please help us by sponsoring one of our cows by direct debit. You can choose from a whole list of girls all of whom are named after English and Indian flowers.

Sponsorship starts from as little as £3 or £5 a month for which we will send you a certificate of sponsorship, updates about your cow, a sticker and our monthly newsletter.

For £10 a month with your welcome pack you will also receive a fridge magnet and a copy of Ranchor Prime’s ground-breaking book “Cows and the Earth”, which explains why cow protection embodies the principles of sustainable and ethical living.

Donations of £15, £25 or £50 are also welcome or an amount of your choice.

Click here to sponsor/donate, or simply for more information

Our best wishes,
The Ahimsa Team