Micro-Dairy Questionnaire

The last three to five years has seen increasing interest in low-impact, small-scale, high-welfare micro-dairies. There are a number of descriptive terms under which such dairies currently identify themselves, including regenerative, organic, grass-fed and calf-at-foot. However, as the Panorama documentary earlier this year illustrated, the question of what constitutes high welfare and how that is policed is likely to be an ongoing challenge for farmers, processors and retailers alike.

We are keen to understand how the development of “slaughter-free” micro-dairies fit into this landscape of high welfare options amongst micro dairy producers so that we can best support those who are interested in becoming involved.

* ADF has now been producing milk without slaughter for over ten years. With the recent increase in awareness about welfare in the dairy industry, they have seen their waiting list of customers rise to over a thousand across the country, well beyond their capacity.

The principal foundation of slaughter-free dairy is that no cow, calf or bull involved in the production of milk will ever be sent for slaughter.

ADF have been working in partnership with the Turners of Bytham for the past year on a traditional organic mixed rotation farm (360 acres) which produces diverse crops milled locally and destined for bakers. It is a truly remarkable collaboration with major benefits to each in this unique relationship.