Ahimsa Veg Box

At this point vegetables in the Ahimsa Veg Box are not grown on the Ahimsa Farm in Rutland, but we guarantee they are all quality organic produce (Ahimsa milk customers David and Emma run a box scheme in West Hertfordshire and they have very kindly helped us to source the best veg).

We offer a standard box made up of whatever produce is seasonal and available. We are not able to give a choice to include/exclude specific vegetables.

Typically our veg box includes from the following:

  • Staples such as potatoes/ carrots / parsnips / beetroots
  • Cabbages / cauliflowers / broccoli
  • Sprouts such as alfalfa or bean spouts
  • Lettuces / mixed salads etc
  • an occasional something unusual, depending on what is available

Boxes are available in two sizes:

  • Small –  suitable for a family of 3-4- £12.00
  • Mini –  suitable for 1-2 persons – £9.00

Optional Ahimsa Gouda style cheese (£11/125g) and/or halloumi (£7.60/200g) are available with veg box orders. Cheeses can be included weekly, fortnightly or once every four weeks (if you indicated cheese required when you register, we will check desired frequency with you afterwards).

Delivery Area

Broadly speaking, our delivery area is restricted to within Greater London, and to the north of the River Thames … more specifically as detailed below:

  • Harrow / Ealing / Hammersmith in the west
  • Barnet / Enfield in the North
  • Redbridge / Newham in the East
  • Down as far as the River Thames in the south
  • West Herts – Watford and surrounding area

Do get in touch if you are uncertain whether or not we can deliver to you.


Please register below. We will get back to you to confirm deliverability, to check required frequency of delivery, and guide you through our account set up process.

    Box Size

    Include Ahimsa Gouda cheese? (+ £11/125g)

    Include Ahimsa halloumi cheese? (+ £7.60/200g)