Organic Culinary Classes & Foraging

Would you like to learn how you can cook a full-course meal just by foraging and using homegrown produce? Then why not come to experience a one-day personalised workshop where you will learn how to cook an array of delicious food recipes that use organic home-grown vegetables harvested in alignment with the season. It will show you how to grow and harvest your own produce, and how to forage for wild edibles and herbs safely, and ethically. After which you can enjoy a woodland feast with foods you cook with Tatiana our in-house chef supreme who has been bringing her loving food to the farm for many years now.


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Testimonial from Lucy one of our experiencees!

“Thank you to Tatiana, Mitali and Sanjay for a wonderful Sunday, learning to cook the  Ahimsa way.  A previous visit to the farm, we were welcomed with of the most delicious, balanced and delicately wholesome meals I have ever eaten. It was a meal my family and I still talk about and I wanted to bring that kind of cooking to my own kitchen.  So I was delighted to spend a Sunday in the farm house, welcomed not just as a customer, but as an member of the Ahimsa community, immersing myself and garden with Tatiana and Mitali, cooking, eating, talking and understanding how to cook to cook the Ahimsa way. I helped Tatiana pick, prepare and cook a delicious lunch, where everything we ate, with the exception of the rice, quinoa & cumin seeds, was picked from the farm. We made a delicious dish of garden vegetables, courgette flower, baby peppers, vine leaves, spinach leaves and tomato leaves stuffed with fragrant rice.  Then courgettes baked with bechamel sauce, and pumpkin soup.  Tatiana showed me how to pick and prepare the ingredients to make the simple and delicious dishes. Watching her work was a lesson in itself, as a simple, effortlessly no waste approach to seasonal eating began to feel like a  slightly more achievable possibility in  my own kitchen.

I particularly enjoyed learning about the benefits of eating seasonally and what it means to be truly organic. The most special part of the experience was being immersed into the Ahimsa community for a day, chatting and getting to know them and their Ahimsa journey over our delicious meal followed by tea and homemake cake and cookies.

I left feeling that even if i could take back just a few principles of the Ahimsa kitchen, I will have brought something truly healthy and wholesome into my own.” – Lucy