Ahimsa Farm Assistant Volunteers Needed!

2 volunteer positions are currently available

Application closes 5th May 2023

Are you a person who loves farm animals? Do you have a passion for animal welfare and care?

We are Ahimsa Farm in Rutland, UK with a BIG mission! “Ahimsa” farming is the traditional, ancient Indian method of farming. “Ahimsa” means “non-violent”, so Ahimsa farming does not harm the animals or land. Some would call it ‘Yoga farming’ or working in natural harmony with the land. Our mission is to make slaughter-free milk a reality and establish sustainable dairy farms across Britain, which give people a real ethical choice.

What are the benefits volunteering at Ahimsa Farm:

  • Cow Cuddling and Brushing: Every day you will be working with the cows, cows groom each other to build a trust bond in their herd. Human friends are no different! You will have lots of time to bond with them by grooming them with brushes as well as having a good cuddle.
  • Hand milking: Learn how to milk cows and how we do this in a loving and gentle way. Our cows have learnt to trust humans and provide us with nutrient-rich milk packed with love.
  • Cow Protection Philosophy: Our farmers know the cows inside and out and will share ancient wisdom about cow protection from Indian culture and beliefs, you will get to know the cows on a deeper and more intimate level, learning their names and their family history, their individual personalities and hierarchies in the herd.
  • Free Vegetarian or Vegan lunch: Our wonderful hosts are there to welcome you to the farm, we have toilets and hot drink facilities that volunteers can help themselves to. Enjoy a lovingly cooked organic spiritual lunch that is inspired by Ayurvedic cooking principles.
  • Opportunities to be involved in seasonal workshops! At the farm we often host workshops you can come to learn a variety of interesting topics by listening to talks as well as picking up new practical skills. There are opportunities to learn the following: Regenerative agriculture, climate action, woodworking, cheese making, Ayurvedic cooking, biodynamics and growing organic produce, arts and crafts, yoga, and so much more.

There is so much that you can gain from being at the farm and we will endeavour to make sure that you are supported and looked after.

Volunteer Description

We are looking for farm assistants that love animals and are willing to help with the daily routines at the farm which include hand milking cows, feeding and making sure all animals have plenty of fresh water, feeding our guinea fowl and resident Pig Buster, filling up hay and straw where need be, mucking out enclosures, gardening projects and communicating with our staff daily. The day is filled with activities and tasks but with plenty of rest periods. Here is an example of a daily schedule:

5:45am- 7.30am – for milking and cow care.
7.30am – 8.45am – break.
9am- 12pm – animal feeding and participate in cow experiences.
12-2pm – break, spiritual lunch, relax and chatter.
2pm-4pm – projects.
4pm- 5.30pm – Milking and cow care.

Who are we looking for?

  • You have a keen interest in animal care and well-being, a certification in Animal Care or Agriculture would be preferable.
  • You are local to the Rutland area near Oakham, so it is financially viable for you to travel to the farm every week.
  • You can fully immerse yourself in the experience and have an open heart to learn from our experienced farming team.
  • You are willing to commit 1-2 days a week at the farm for the permanent placement, particularly weekends to offer support.
  • You are open to informing us what you are comfortable doing so that we meet your needs while you help us at the farm.
  • You understand that we are a vegan/vegetarian farm and that there will be no animals served in our lunches and would politely ask for you not to bring meat onto the farm as well.
  • Smoking in prohibited at the farm.

How to Apply

Simply email us at [email protected] to tell us why you wish to volunteer.

A member of the team will contact the two successful candidates and schedule a consultation.

If you don’t make it onto the farming team, don’t worry we will have other exciting volunteer opportunities with similar benefits and experiences. Keep an eye on this page for more information.


“Amazing people and well cared for animals! Iain was the farmer that showed me the ropes on the farm and is an amazing teacher. He taught me so much about the cows at the farm and how to care for them in a loving and compassionate way. It is so therapeutic to brush and cuddle the cows every day and delightful to get to know all their adoring personalities and relationships with each other. Be careful of Poppy you may well fall in love with her!”– Felcie, 27.

“I’ve enjoyed volunteering at the Ahimsa farm for just over a year now. To be in the lovely Rutland countryside with like-minded people is a great way to spend time and help with tasks from gardening, wood cutting, strimming to general maintenance. To help with keeping the philosophy of cruelty free dairy farming alive, I’m keen to help! Being a professional driver, which can be quite solitary at times, it’s good to meet people on a similar wavelength! Haribol” – Craig

“Working at the Ahimsa eco farm was an enriching, life affirming experience. Getting to know the cows and their unique personalities taught me that the sentience of them is far beyond what the majority of society believe. Their patience, forgiveness and emotional understanding was astounding. Serving without rational justification opened me up to new joy I didn’t yet know. Ian and the rest of the staff are welcoming and kind. I would highly recommend taking multiple visits to the farm to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. A day trip is nevertheless a great experience too.” -Ben Needle, 22, Musician