Our cows’ retirement fund is built into the price of Ahimsa Slaughter-free Milk, but we are a non-for-profit company and would like to put a little more aside for those rainy days. For example vets bills, or a rise in the price of hay – which has seen bad harvest for the last few years. We also guarantee that no male calves will ever be slaughtered on our watch, and we need funds to explore innovative and productive ways of working with bulls.

Transportation for our young calves and retired cows to our Welsh sanctuary is also expensive.

Ahimsa milk has really solved a problem I was having because I was struggling to become totally vegan and soya milk was no substitute in a cup of tea. The milk itself tastes so much better than supermarket milk and even has a creamy top (like milk used to have).

I’m happy to sponsor Iris the cow because I believe that if you have to use animal products then there should be no long term effects from this and I am delighted that the cows can live out a natural life once they have finished producing milk

Kaye M – Hertfordshire

Would you like to get something more meaningful for a child or a person who seems to have everything?

Sponsorship of an Ahimsa cow, or a calf never to reach the table makes a compassionate and unusual gift for a friend or family member. As a gift sponsor they will receive:
• Welcome pack and certificate
• Photos of their chosen cow/calf
• Cow fridge magnet
• ‘Join the family’ ahimsa stickers
• Regular updates

We will also send them a gift card with a personal message of your choice.

I have recently begun to sponsor two cows Dora & Tilly on behalf of my Grandchildren. I felt that not only would this be a very different form of ‘Stocking filler’ gift for them at Christmas but would be a good way for them to develop an interest in animal welfare and a real understanding of how their food is produced. I was especially drawn to the ethos behind Ahimsa Dairy Foundation and by the opportunity to support such a unique (to the UK) project. One that is dedicated to the care and well-being of the animals rather than being driven by the need for ever increasing levels of production efficiency in the pursuit of ever great profit.

Mina C – Birmingham


If you decide to sponsor a cow in the name of someone else, simply email us with the person details and any personal message after setting up your direct debit, and we will do the needful.

Sponsorship Pack

Fridge Magnet

Sponsorship Certificate

Ahimsa Sticker


Cow sponsorship starts from as little as £3 or  £5 a month for which we will send you a certificate of sponsorship,  updates about your cow, a sticker and our monthly newsletter. For £10 a  month with your welcome pack you will also receive a fridge magnet and an Ahimsa T-Shirt or copy of Ranchor Prime’s ground-breaking book ‘Cows and the Earth’, which explains why cow protection embodies the principles of sustainable and ethical living.


As from the beginning of 2017 (assuming our presently paused milk production resumes by then) Cow sponsorship of £9.00/month or more includes eligibility to order Ahimsa Milk (if you reside in the UK). Depending on your location … broadly speaking, Greater London to your door or a drop-point, elsewhere by mail. We will let eligible sponsors know at the appropriate time.

Please select the cow you wish to sponsor below … you will choose your amount on the next page, then go on to provide your personal details. If you are sponsoring in the name of someone else, remember to email us after you have set up your payment with the name/address of that person, and any personal message from you.


My name is Darlia, which means moth. I am one of the milking cows and have a whole dynasty among them. I am mother to Violet and Cowslip and grandmother to Dandelion, Jasmine, Bimba and Poppy. I was born in 2008 and despite being all black my breed is Swedish Red. I am good natured, although I occasionally bite fingers when I am being given a carrot!


My name is Dora. They didn’t call me after a flower because as I like to wander about they decided I was an explorer and that rhymed with Dora. I was born in 2005 and am currently staying with my friends at Bhaktivedanta Manor where I am easing into a gradual retirement. I am a Holstein.


I am called Draupadi after a queen in ancient Indian mythology and I really am very regal. I was born in 2006. I have been auntie to most of the young oxen and some of the heifers and they all know how to behave properly under my watchful eye. I like to check humans out before accepting treats from them, but once I decide they are okay I will gladly accept any amount of rich-tea biscuits.


My name is Gautam, which means remover of darkness. It was also the name of the Buddha. I have a fine set of horns, but am quite docile and only use them to lift the gate off the latch and amble down to the fields when the humans aren’t looking. I am being trained as a working ox and together with my yoke-mate have been getting used to our driver giving us friendly commands. I was born in 2011.


My name is Kamala, which means lotus, a flower which has pride of place in Indian literature. The flower is also a favourite of the gods, which gives me a lot to live up to. I am a good natured cow and like to think I am quite beautiful. I am a retired cow and like to hang around in the fields or the barn with my friends. I am also very fond of carrots. I was born in 2008


I am iris. I retired a few years ago and because I wasn’t well at the time I went to a sanctuary in Sussex where I made an excellent recovery and a lot of new friends. I was born in 2004


I am Padma meaning a beautiful lotus-hued flower. I was born blind in one eye, which would have meant I would not have survived on a conventional farm. As it is I have a lovely life, sharing time with the oxen and the other non-milking cows and chewing the cud together. I am easily the most ladylike of all of the females. I was born in 2011.


My name is Dharma meaning spiritual teaching in Vedic. I am a great big ox with huge horns, but am generally gentle in nature. I like things to be in a routine though and dislike doing things that are new. When the man came to trim my hooves I decided I didn’t like the idea at all and jumped over the fence and ran away. I was born in 2011.


I am Rosie. I am a retired cow and like to spend my days with the non-milking herd eating and relaxing. I am a bit of a busybody and like to know what is going on everywhere. I am also very fond of parsnips and carrots and have been known to steal a whole bag when the humans’ backs were turned. I was born in 2006.


I am Tilly. Mother to Gautam, Seymour and most recently little Bala. All fine oxen. I am part of the milking herd and enjoy a bit of female company with my sisters. I was born in 2006.


I am Primrose. I am part of the non-milking herd. I am highly intelligent and the rest of the herd trust my judgement when it comes to finding the best forage in the field. I have a bit of a thing going on with Gautam. When I was little my best friend was Horatio and I used to boss him about. I was born in 2011.


I am Horatio, son of Iris. I am very loveable, but do like to complain a lot, especially when I don’t get my fair share of treats. Recently I have been working in the fields with Gautam and we are partners, although he is the lead ox and I tend to do what he says. I was born in 2012.


I am Harry, son of Cowslip. I have a beautiful red coat inherited from my dad who is a Sussex bull. I have had quite an interesting life having spent a year living at Spitalfields City Farm with my best friend Henry. I am now back with the non-milking herd at the Ahimsa Dairy and they have plans for me to start working soon. I am a good-natured ox, but do like to stick my nose into everything. I was born in 2013.


My name is Henry. I am the son of Bluebell. I was with Harry at Spitalfields, but am now back with the others. I am rather handsome and have a lovely shiny black and white coat. I am also rather nosey and don’t like being told what to do. A carrot usually persuades me though. I was born in 2013.


I am the tall and elegant Seymour. I am completely black except for a little white spot on my forehead. I was also at Spitalfields for a time. Now I am part of the non-milking Ahimsa herd. My best friend is Dunstan, but I don’t always get along with some of the other oxen. I really prefer the company of the cows. I was born in 2012.


I am Bluebell, mum to Snowdrop, Henry and Kenny and grandmother to Poppy. I am part of the milking herd and used to enjoy kicking the cowherd at milking time. We eventually came to an understanding and I quite like him now, especially as he gives me lovely organic Lucerne nuts along with fresh hay and straw. I was born in 2010.


I am Violet, mum to Buttercup and Jasmine. I am part of the milking herd. I am completely black like my mother Darlia and have a lovely glossy coat. I am also rather partial to a carrot. I was born in 2010.


My name is Nimai, which means ‘filled with inner light’. I am a great big ox, 6ft high at the shoulder. I only have one horn as I knocked the other off during a bit of high jinks when I was little. My brother is Nitai and we have spent most of our lives together. I am given to indolence, especially in the winter barn where I like to do most things from a lying down position. Unfortunately I occasionally have to get up to feed. I was born in 2011.


I am Nitai, named after a saint, although I am not that saintly. I am a cheerful chap though and more than happy to spend time with Nimai, when he isn’t sleeping, and our auntie Draupadi. I am a very handsome ox and have a lovely white face. I was born in 2011.


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