• Ahimsa Milk is the only commercially produced milk that guarantees no cow, calf or bull is ever slaughtered as part of its production.
  • Ahimsa milk costs a little more than conventional milk, but is a small price to pay to ensure no cow, calf or bull suffers to bring milk to your breakfast table.
  • Ahimsa milk aspires to the highest possible standards of cow welfare and we retire our cows to a sanctuary when their productive days are over.
  • We are exploring innovative ways of working with bulls to ensure their economic viability.
  • It is possible to taste the difference between our milk and that which is conventionally produced.
  • Rather than farms becoming like factories, such as that envisaged by Mega-dairies, with thousands of cows housed in a shed and milked to death, slaughter-free milk is a sustainable way for farmers to produce milk.
  • Ahimsa milk is the milk of the future

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