Campaign Intern
Do you have skills in publicity and campaigning? Whether you have experience or are trying to obtain some in the PR, marketing or charity field. Responsibilities would include the promoting and raising awareness of the Ahimsa campaign, establishing contacts with other charities, supermarkets, farmers and potential corporate partners.

Research Intern
We need to keep up to date with the progression of the dairy industry, as it happens and as it appears in the media, and what possibilities for change are on the horizon. There are also always new studies coming out into the effects of farming methods on animal welfare, the environment and human health. We need researchers to make sure we always have the latest information in order to be one step ahead of the factory farming industry. Could you be an invaluable part of our team and use your research and analysis skills to help us prove that changes are necessary and possible?

Events Co-ordinator
If you have organisational and promotional skills, a bright imagination and a sense of fun, you’d be a great asset to our team in helping with our regular fundraising and awareness raising events.

Fundraising is an essential aspect of any campaign, and we need motivated, intelligent and resourceful volunteers who can promote Ahimsa as a campaign worthy of sponsorship and investment. Responsibilities will include researching, encouraging and initiating fundraising events, private donations and corporate sponsorship.