Hungarian cows have a Babel fish in their ears

The Ahimsa team has just been on a fact-finding trip to Hungary where we were investigating slaughter-free dairy farming at a Hare Krishna farm two hours from Budapest. Hungarian agriculture suffered very badly under Soviet Communism and peasant farmers were persecuted relentlessly. Land was confiscated and they were forced...
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Progress at the Ahimsa farm

          The herd have been watching us as we have been very busy building new fences and putting up barns and shelters with the funds raised from our appeal last year. It was really heart-warming that so many people loved our project and chipped in...
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The future is agro-ecology

The way to a sustainable, people-centred agriculture lies in agroecology – farming based on ecological principles, taking account of the interdependence of all living things. Global grains surpluses are now so great that half of them are fed wastefully to livestock, with an increasing amount turned into biofuels. In...
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