What is the Price?

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It’s not as if we planned to get this lost.        In Britain, during WW2 the nation collectively, dug up this green and pleasant land and planted crops to feed us. We needed to feed ourselves and become less reliant on global imports; and we Succeeded. Of course much of the...
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Changing Others.

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How we enjoy trying to change others! Strange how other people’s foibles appear so crystal clear to us and yet our own faults very often prove so difficult to comprehend! What’s that all about? In my experience the more we try to push change, to literally beat people over the...
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“Collaboration.”  We don’t use this word very often today. We like words like director, team leader, manager and head.     We seem more familiar and perhaps comfortable working within a hierachial structure. Many of us like to be the driving force, the front runner, head of a project, the boss. We...
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Gaia-The Earthly Deity.

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Gaia is the Greek goddess who personified the earth. She is considered a Mother Goddess. Her name comes from two elements. “Ge” meaning “Earth” and “Aia” meaning “Grandmother.” This name was revived by author James Lovelock in 1979 in his book entitled: “Gaia: A New Look at Life on...
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Small Choices, Big Changes.

Where does the word “Ahimsa” come from? Actually it comes from the ancient Sanskrit and means literally “non-violence.” Probably the worse violence one species can perpetuate onto another, would have to be “slaughter.” This is why, the most important place to begin, on the journey towards true Ahimsa milk, is...
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