Introducing Kenny

I am Kenny, son of Bluebell. I grew up with Jasmine and Poppy and miss them now they have joined the milking cows. My best friend now is Bala and we share winter quarters together. He tries to push me around a bit, but I give as good as...
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Introducing Poppy

I am Poppy, Snowdrop’s daughter. I have a distinctive red splodge on my nose. I live with the milking cows and am told that the humans are also looking for a boyfriend for me. My best friend is jasmine. I was born in 2014.
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Introducing Snowdrop

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I am Snowdrop (on the right in the photo). I am Bluebell’s daughter and mother to Poppy. I have a little white heart on my forehead and am quite a friendly cow. I am part of the milking herd and get along well with my sisters. I also enjoy...
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