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one-off orders
Recurring Order

Request the package you would like and we'll get back to you to confirm deliverability, and then guide you through the necessary parts of account setup.

N.B. If you are a member or cow-sponsor, please use the request button anyway, but tell us on the next page so we might check and adjust rates accordingly.

Product Product Cost P&P* Delivery via Total Cost
125g cheese £13.75 £3.00 Royal Mail £16.75
250g cheese £27.50 £6.05 Royal Mail £33.55
250g honey £4.50 £4.30 Royal Mail £8.80
500g honey £9.00 £4.30 Royal Mail £13.30

* for greater London, north of river, doorstep delivery may be possible - elsewhere it will be mailorder. Typically our doorstep delivery charge is £2.00/delivery, so this would be instead of P&P